Monday, February 02, 2009

In the Craft Room: Valentine's Day and Scrapbooking

1. I wanted to say that I fixed my rss feed thing. I have had a few people tell me that can't get it to work for this blog or my photo blog. BUT I fixed it. After much struggling with it, I just redid the whole thing. Which I should have done to begin with, But whatever. It's working. So NOW you can subscribe and know when I post. I mean since I am such a strong part of your life. I know. It's okay.

2. Valentine's Day is coming up. And it's actually one of my very favorite holidays. Not because I get stuff. But Regan is always so kind to me. So that is just an extra bonus. It comes from when I was a kid. My dad is not one of those gushy men. In fact my little sister and I often wrapped his presents and on occasion even picked them out and bought them for my mom from him. He's not one to announce his affection or shower you with gifts. And that's okay. That's just how he is.
Except for Valentine's day for Kelly and me. His little girls. I remember the first year I realized that my dad had actually bought me the little box of chocolates and miracle of all miracles, wrote in it himself. It was this great special day. And each year my dad would get little teddy bears or a mug filled with chocolate kisses. And get them just for Kelly and me. His two girls. I can not express how much it always meant to me. And still means to me.

It made me think that Valentine's Day is for kids. (Not that I don't thoroughly enjoy realizing when I was married to Regan that it's for the momma too!) Regan has indulged me and now carries on this tradition by getting something special for Lucy each year. (But I did qualify it when I have explained it to him that he is allowed to get me something too...)

I get in the V-Day mood. We always decorate hearts with the kids. It's a tradition around here. This year I am implementing a new idea that I saw a few years ago at our good friends, the Pilling's home. Tonight at FHE. I'll take a picture and show you tomorrow.

And each day we are going to do a V-Day kid friendly cheap lovely dovey craft. Which I'll post each day for you too. It'll be a regular love fest.

3. I've been posting my favorite photos I've take over 2008 on my photo blog here. Right now it's babies and kiddos. Next up families.

4.. And since it's been a few days since the last scrapbooking share... here are some pages.
These two are from the new Feb 09 S! kit.

And lots using paper my lovely friend Mary send me when Eli was born. I've used every last scrap of it. And some of them are using more photos my other lovely friend Heather took for me.

And one using paper that my OTHER lovely friend (and Heather's mom) Crystal sent me.


LindsayB said...

i love a good old fashioned love fest!

Jodi Pilling said...

LOVE all your LO's. YOu amaze me do you find the time. Your my inspiration!

Heather M. said...

ooooh, those layouts are just gorgeous! love, love, love them! the one of eli with the sun is so perfect - i totally know the feeling!

and i love that your dad did that for you and kelly! that is just awesome!

Crystal said...

You have really been busy scrapbooking!! Love those LOs and especially the journalling. I too am amazed that you can get so much done - and even do crafts with your kids. You ARE superwoman!!

JA Crew said...

i love all your pages!!! so cute!

Connie Nichol said...

fabulous layouts, Rhonda!!! I don't know where you find the time, but good on you. The sun one makes me especially happy! :-)

MonaS! said...

What beautiful los Rhonda. Heather took some wonderful photos!