Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Seven

1. Thankful that I got to spend time with my good friends Sarah and Heather on Friday. We ate and baked and chatted. And it was marvelous.

2. Thankful I can attend an information car seat class to erase the 6 tickets that the "kind" peace officer (he called himself kind) gave me on Friday. Yep. 6. Three for Lucy's seat, two for Eli's and one for Alden's. (If I had to pay for them all it would be over $600)

3. Thankful for good health.

4. Thankful for eternal families. Especially in times of loss. My heart aches for Dyane and John.

5. Thankful for a good husband who is in Saskatoon right now doing interviews for CARMS (residency). He's working hard for our family.

6. Thankful to be done editing photos and be able to pop them in the mail to the bride and groom.

7. Thankful for these three.


Crystal said...

I heard about the sad tale of the peace officer and Rhonda! I was speechless - but so very glad that you can attend the seminar instead of paying all those dollars.

Saskatoon!?!?! Really?!?!? Is Regan applying to lots of places? When will he begin? So many questions, I know.

That cape is very cute. Have a happy week!

KellyLady said...

Oooh. I had to do that just before Rhett turned 1...and now I'm paranoid everytime I turn into Costco. That's where our "kind" peace officers set up. Grrr. The class isn't too bad...I bit my tongue a lot but made it through and it's definitely better than paying the fine. Good luck!

Kristi-Anna said...

May I be so bold as to ask what a 'peace officer' is? Also, what was so horribly wrong about the carseats/installation, etc? Enquiring Minds need to know!! Glad you can take the class vs paying the fines!!

Amy said...

I want to know too, what were car seat the fines for? I think I'm doing installing and using the seats right, but I guess you never know. Maybe there is something I can learn from your experience.
Had a chat with your dad at the pool last night, he was enjoying the hot tub.
Good luck to Regan!

JA Crew said...

what were the fines for and where do i go about finding a place to help me with any problems?? sorry for your friends' loss. so sad! i hope they're doing alright.

Drennans said...

I couldn't believe the six tickets so I asked Matt about it and he said he was glad they let you have the option of the class because other provinces won't. CRAZY! Especially because up here I have yet to see one car seat used. But then I am pretty close to Mars. But he said it's for reasons such as like up here...but STILL!

Heather M. said...

it was so good to see you again and hang out with you! i'm so glad that you can take that class! and as always, great photos!