Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Three Months

I've had quite a busy week so far.
Seems I've been watching kids and having visitors and editing photos and doing crafts and playing games and reading books.

But I've been wanting to post about Eli for a few weeks... and haven't gotten around to it.At three months Eli:
• weighs 13 pounds 6 ounces
• is very smiling and easy going
• sucks his thumb
• is a tummy baby - sleeps waaaaay better on his stomach
• has the cutest little laugh you ever heard
• has seriously ticklish feet - so much so that putting on his socks makes him uncomfortable
• loves to watch Alden and Lucy
• still breastfeeds about every 3 hours
• has the longest, most beautiful eyelashes over top crystal clear blue Steed eyes
• loves to baby talk to anyone around him
• gets real serious when toys are hanging above him and tries to hit them with his hands
• has some serious poo blow outs (ew)
• has really really nice skin still
• is sleeping from 830-9pm to around 4am, feeds then sleeps til 830-9am
• absolutely HATES riding in the van - the minute I lift the car seat into the van he starts to cry
• is so easy going
• endures a lot of over loving from Lucy
• loves his bouncy chair with the fishes
• is wearing 3-6 month clothes
• has really big hands with long fingers
• looks at his momma with such love
• has the sweetest smile
• really is such a light in our home
We are so happy to have him.
As Lucy says (about a million times a day) "aw Mom, isn't Eli so cute?"


Amy said...

You are so blessed to have such a good baby, especially that he sleeps so well.

Heather M. said...

He is beautiful! Love reading this update!

LindsayB said...

can't believe he's 3 months! eli really does have nice skin. those long fingers and big hands are just a sign of another tall kids coming! he's such a good baby, hardly a cry all thanksgiving weekend.

KellyLady said...

He's darling!

Sarah Shaw said...

Jonah was a tummy baby too I discovered it right around that age. breaking rules I know but it worked. that's when he started sleeping through the night