Monday, October 27, 2008

Overheard and Photo Talk

Photos are getting posted on my photo blog quite frequently lately.
I've got 2 weddings, 2 babies, 2 family shoots to edit.
Plus I'm doing two family shoots (one with twin girls - HOW FUN!) on Saturday.
I wanted to spend all my free time today editing photos, but I spent 5 hours at Canadian Tire being really annoyed with their service.

Eli was with me and was a dream, as usual!

He's such a good baby!
And so kissable!

On a much happier note... a little conversation with Alden:
A:"Hey mom, can I have some chores?"
M: "Sure, do you know what chores are?"
A:" No"
M: "Well, you have some chores, like cleaning your room, clearing your dishes off the table, but I could add more!"
A: "Okay!"

Sam comes to the door and both Alden and Lucy run to the door.
Sam: "Can Alden play?"
Alden: "Sorry Sam, I've got to do chores. Just the dishes, but don't worry, I'll only do one! hahaha."

What a quirky kiddo I've got!


Lora said...

You are up way to late LOL
I'm sorry that you had some troubles with Canadian tire - that's awful service!! Glad your van is working now. Alden is too cute!!

The Nelson Family said...

Kids are so funny!!! They just say the greatest things......I love all your pictures....I wish you were here to show me how to take awesome pictures like that with my camera, and edit with my photoshop elements. You are one super talented lady. I hope that you make a visit back here someday so I can see you but get you to take a family picture for me:) Your kids are growing so fast, Eli looks like an absolute delight....I guess the big guy knew you needed an angel to deal with the fun stuff Lucy dishes out sometimes.....I have that with Georgia already somedays.....oh how I dread the terrible twos!!!! Oh ya, I love that "bakerella" site you posted about before....such fun things....someday I'll hopefully try some out.....

MonaS! said...

LOl - what a funny kid. Heard about your Canadian Tire stuff - you poor thing. SOunds like it was a rough day!

Heather M. said...

Too funny! Alden cracks me up!
What happened at Canadian Tire?!
Love those photos - Eli is so gorgeous!

Jess said...

I love how Alden is wanting chores. That is the cutest story ever. Eli looks like such a happy baby that is awesome!!! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

super cute photos! I agree with Kathy...wish you were here to take pictures of my kids. I am taking Karington for her first set of photos tomorrow but they are never as cute as the ones you do! Oh and Canadian Tire never has good service.

JA Crew said...

he is adorable!!!!! your kids are all so cute. alden is hilarious. it's so funny the things they come up with. ok, i have to say that i LOOOOOVE those cupcake bites that bakerella does. i've always wanted to try them, but wasn't sure if they'd be good (you just never know right...) well lindsay said they were great so i made them. I'm HOOKED!!! we're making them today for the kids' halloween party tomorrow!!

Melissa said...

ha ha! That boy is so cute! So did he do his dish and go out to play??

Did you make the Halloween cake pops? We want pics! :)