Friday, October 24, 2008

Random Thoughts on Friday

This morning was an early dismissal day. Which means, that the afternoon kindergarten kiddos (like Alden) have to go in the morning (from 8:55 - 12:15).
Since we often do not get dressed around here (and sometimes wake up) until 930 (or sometimes even later) it was a bit of a challenge.

Now that we are home again, I see that morning kindergarten really has it's benefits. Like leaving the whole afternoon to go and do whatever you want.
I woke Alden up at 7:45am. He sat up looked at me and he looked outside and said "mom it's still the middle of the night," laid back down and went back to sleep. I woke him up again and he held his fingers close together and said "i just need this much more sleep." To entice him out of bed and into his clothes, I warmed them in the dryer. He was quite cranky until he slid his legs into his warm pants. Then looked at me and said "ooh that's nice."

We rushed out of the door and got him to school just as all the kids were lining up in front of the school and greeting their principle and teachers, who lead them into the school each morning. Alden said "oh no we're late." He jumped out of the van and ran straight into the school without looking back or saying bye or anything.
It's so strange that we are here. In school. And in some ways he seems so big and grown up. When he helps Lucy get her coat down, or sets the table willingly, when he uses big words and dictates whole stories to me, when he comes to sit on my lap and I can't see over his head anymore. When he moves Eli into his room so that he can "play" with him while I have my shower. When I drop him off to school and runs in and doesn't look back.

In other ways, he is still my little boy. That he WANTS to sit on my lap and cuddle, the way he likes us to hold hands when I read him stories at night in his bedroom, how when he is tired and he doesn't get his way results in tears, when there are too many big kids on the playground he won't go on it. He's been really emotional lately, and I think a lot of it is tiredness. He is realizing that school is every day now. That this is life. This is what we do. Every week day.

But some of it is me. I have been feeling overwhelmed with a few things lately. Some things that are wearing on my mind. And making me feel a bit more cranky than usual. And he has always been a sensitive kid. If he gets hurt, it's the emotional part that makes him cry, not the physical pain. He knows when I am feeling off. I am trying to make sure that I explain to him how I am feeling. Teaching him (and Lucy) that sometimes we are upset and that is okay. But how we deal with it, how we react and treat others when we are feeling that way is more important. Hopefully I handle things okay, then my kids are able to learn how to handle things okay. As my mom would say, each generation better.

Kind of a lot of rambling thoughts that are in my mind this morning.

And on a completely different note, I was looking at google anaylitics (sp??) yesterday for my blog, and every day I get around 85-100 visitors a day here. First, wow. And Second, lots of people are obviously lurking and not commenting. So hello out there. Sometime you should say hello.
And here is recent edited shot...


Heather M. said...

love the photos (and your new logo)! i'm not looking forward to school days - the rush and hustle of them...
hope you are doing okay - i'm here if you need to talk.

Isackson Family said...

Aw! Sigh! That is how I feel when I read your blog... it always uplifts me Rhonda. Thanks

whitney said...

How can I not comment after that picture. You got skills girl! You managed to make a haven't slept or showered in 48 hours girl look half decent!
Hope whatever is bothering you works it self out.

Amy said...

So glad you posted pics of the weddings you've done on Facebook. It's always good for friends to see you talents and it's free advertising. :)
About this post, I lurk here and there, but I do comment sometimes, ha ha. You're an amazing mommy, really, you warmed Alden's pants in the drier! That's going the extra mile or 2 or 3, not something I would even think of or be willing to do.

Lisa Marie said...

Hi Rhonda, I confess, I am a lurker! I am a friend of Crystal (Heathers mom) and I have enjoyed your blog for awhile. I really enjoy your photography and all that you share about your family. Have a super day!

Crystal said...

What a poignant post, Rhonda. I can sense your emotion and feelings so clearly. When a child goes to school, it's a change for the whole family. I like your Mom's wisdom - each generation wiser - such a good way to live. Take care of yourself!!

And I'm not a lurker :)) I'm so glad all you young moms are able to chronicle your family's lives in this blogging world. And I love that women can support and encourage each other in this way - and that grandparents can hear about their little ones so regularly!!

Roslyn said...

Hi Rhonda,
I'm guilty of lurking and not I'll say hi.
Your blog is one I visit regularly and love to see your family grow. I'll try to comment more often!

Anonymous said...

awhh this post makes me feel like crying. i hate it when my kids grow up too. we always hear that time goes by so fast, and it really does. i hate the thought of not being able to see over my kids heads when i read to them.
shannon e

Anonymous said...

You have got yourself one sweet boy! I love reading your blog with all your lovely stories about your children. I cracked up with the middle of the night comment!

Prayers for you and your family.