Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Seven

it's been a while since I did a Sunday Seven. But no time like the present, eh?

1. Thankful to have fun shooting a wedding yesterday morning. Glad to be able to help people celebrate such a special day in their lives!

2. Thankful for a supportive husband who drove down with me and had fun with the kids at grandma's house so I could go shoot the wedding.

3. Thankful for such a sweet, imaginative little (getting big) boy Alden. He has been telling me lately about the "world" that he imagines in his head a lot. It has robots with wheels. Lots of moons. He told me he likes to make up stories about it while he lays in bed at night. (I want to get some of those written down while he is so into this!)

4. Thankful for good friends. Some are coming over for dinner today.

5. Thankful for enough food. And good food at that.

6. Thankful to be able to attend church at a church of my choosing and that everyone in this country is allowed to do the same.

7. Thankful for a great class at church all about marriage and families and the wonderful teacher who is blessing us with so much great advice and knowledge from her years of marriage.

And since a post is boring without any thing to look at....
A scrapbook page I made from the October sketch I provided for Scraptivity this month.
There are two other takes on my sketch here.
And a photo from my newly posted session on my photo blog.


Heather M. said...

that layout is so sweet! :)
awesome list! yay for photo shoots and supportive husbands and yummy food and friends! :)

Mary said...

Wonderful photo! Great list too!