Saturday, March 08, 2008

totally random points

Feeling a bit ho-hum tonight. Not really any reason.

Regan got to be home ALL DAY, which lately, is quite an exciting thing!
He has to work tomorrow, so here is the first day of my going to church without him.
We'll see how it goes.
If I didn't mention it before, Regan is now in his last year in Medical School. CRAZY.
But now he is a clerk. So he is like a resident except he can't give drugs, or orders.
So he works shifts at different hospitals and different towns for a year.
He has already been gone a few nights.
His first two weeks are in Canmore. Doing rural medicine. It isn't that bad yet.
There will be a few crappy weeks.... like when he is gone to Claresholm for 6 weeks...... that is in the middle of May to middle of April. And then a month after our third kiddo is born he will be gone for 6 weeks to Medicine Hat. We'll see how we survive that one!
Really so far, I am just taking every advantage of when he is home.
On Wednesday he got home around noon (after not being home the day and night before) so we went to the zoo. It was good.

I have some new photos on my photo blog.
Of cousins Sarah and Dale.
And I have a wedding to edit and post.

I scrapbooked a little today. And it was fun. :) Used some glitter and some cool tacky tape that my friend Heather introduced me too in her class.

It rules for using glitter and micro beads. I'd show you but I am actually too lazy to go downstairs, get the layout, come BACK upstairs, scan layout 2 times, stitch layout in photoshop and post. Surely you understand. :) Perhaps tomorrow.
I mean I'll need something to keep me occupied since Regan won't be home. :)

I went to the dr this week. And I don't know if it is cause this is my third pregnancy, but I really find those drs appointments a waste of time. Getting both kiddos into the car and driving all the way to the office, then waiting in the waiting room to then see the dr for 2 minutes. I really don't have any questions. (And if I do I just ask Regan or call my Father in law....) Maybe that is too negative of a view??? On a high note, I gained ten pounds this last month.... or should I say LOW note. Looks like I might end up being fat pregnant like I was with Alden instead of cute pregnant like I was with Lucy. Might have something to do with my dreaming of chocolate.... seriously can't think about anything else. Current favorite is rolos...... mmmmmmmmmm.....

You know what I hate about TV lately. That almost every show has to do with death. There is a new show about a serial killer who works for the police. Can't they come up a with a good comedy anymore?? A good classic show about not much at all?? I've had enough of these creepy death killer shows. If only I could run a tv station..... hmmmmm

Last night we watched the movie Martian Child. You can see the trailer here. It is cute. A little slow. But I was in the mood for that. I am always amazed that John Cusack can play the exact same character in every movie and I always love him. :)

We spring cleaned today. Got rid of a LOT of paper and old magazines... now our recycling baskets are nice and full. Doesn't a nice clean house just make you so happy. :)

And Thomas is coming to town again.
I want to take the kids again. Alden is already excited.... but I want someone to go with us. Regan will be in Canmore. And taking both kids and walking around all day at Heritage Park while pregnant isn't totally appealing.... anyone wanna join us???

I'm off to find some rolos now......


Heather M. said...

Oh man, Regan is going to be gone lots! Call me up any time if you need some help or a visitor, kay?
And you've got me all curious as to what you made with tacky tape and glitter! Can't wait to see it!

whitney said...

I'm up for Herritage park. Not sure if Roman would last all day though. Just let me know when it is and we'll com up if I'm not working. Roman is liking choo choos. We are working on keeping it to choo choos and not Thomas though. Cheaper that way!
Now I'm hungry, mmmmm rolos!
And don't worry I don't know the meaning of cute pregnant, only fat pregnant - so I am right there with you!

MonaS! said...

Sorry to hear that Regan is going to be gone. I understand what that is like tho - Chris left for 3weeks the day after I came home from the hospital with Kiana. It's tough! MMMMMMMM - rolos are my favourite - think I need to get some!

Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

craving chocolate huh? i am into the sweets too, but more gummy things, like bears, and worms...mmm.
i know what you mean about the dr appts. this is my first one and i find it kind of silly to go. tho, i do get excited, only because it means one more month has passed.
i think the trip to the scale will be interesting this month for me as well. i can't contain my love of food any longer. i dont care if i am pregnant fat or pregnant cute, all i care is that i get my spicy chicken burger from wendy's!!

Heather said...

I so understand you on the TV shows. I just don't watch it much anymore and if I do it's the Amazing Race or those dance shows.

HUGS!! with Reagan being away. That must be hard but so worth it in the end.

JA Crew said...

mmmm rolos! sound good. surprisingly "Dexter" is really good. It's different but I enjoy it... Sorry that Regan's gonna be gone so much. NOT FUN!!! That tape sounds great! I've always wondered how to get the beads to stick. Makes sense...

Drennans said...

I was a malted milk girl as well as a rolo girl...had to have it every day. Not much has changed. Sucks that Regan is away lots! I too have to go to church myself quite a lot. Most the time I don't make it to any class and hardly any sacrament. But at least I'm there!