Friday, March 21, 2008

a few tags

Tagged by Mona...

5 faves:

5 things you cannot live without under $10
1. Chocolate
2. cold milk
3. glue sticks
4. deodriant (sp??)
5. raspberry jam

5 favourite moves
1. Sabrina (the original)
2. August Rush
3. 13 going on 30
4. Return to Me
5. My Fair Lady

Baby names you love(but won't use)
(I'd love to use any of these but Regan gave the veto on all of them.....)
1. Olivia
2. Beth
3. Isabella
4. Lily
5. Bella

1. Ethan
2. Owen
3. Charlie
4. Gabriel
5. Carter

5 songs you could listen to over and over:
1. Lucky
2. Mary's Lullaby
3. Stay by Lisa Loeb
4. Come Away with Me
5. The Way you Look tonight

5 people who influenced your life in a positive way:
1. my little sister Kelly
2. Jolene Heninger
3. My mom & dad
4. hubby Regan
5. Rosalind Irvine

5 things that stay in your purse all the time:
1. Wallet
2. bandaids
3. Keys
4. change
5. klenex

5 moments you knew changed you forever:
1. When I found out I had a baby sister
2. When I got married
3. When Kelly died
4. birth of Alden
5. birth of Lucy

5 obsessions you have right now:
1. Scrapbooking
2. Photography
3. quilting
4. chocolate
5. cooking

5 places you would really love to go:
1. France
2. South Africa
3. Debai
4. Mexico
5. Hawaii

AND the other one from Amanda

1. Favorite indulgence: Chocolate anything

2. Favorite drink: Really cold water. And i really love milk. Steamed. Cold.

3. Favorite movie: currently? August Rush. Love it a lot.

4. Favorite TV show: Eli Stone is my current fav. Love how quirky it is.

5. Favorite health item: um... what do you mean?

6. Favorite shoes: I don't really have any favorites. Cause my feet are so big I just get what fits.

7. Favorite lipstick shade: don't wear any

8. Favorite form of exercise: Carrying Lucy around. oh wait that says favorite. Playing basketball or ultamite frisbee or swimming.

9. Favorite Store: Costco

10. Favorite season: Spring

11. Favorite toenail color: Red.

12. Favorite hobby: scrapbooking, reading and quilting

13. Favorite waste of time: internet or tv

14. Favorite fragrance: clean babies


JA Crew said...

so fun! I love the kids' names too! I love then name Ethan, but Jimmy vetoed that 'cause of my brother... Love the girls' names too. Already used Alivia and Ella (pretty close). And I LOVE the pictures of Lucy on the previous post. It's so cute that she dresses up and wants you to take her picture! I seriously need you to teach me how to use photoshop for photos and for digital scrapbooking!! You do such an awesome job!

MonaS! said...

love reading your favourites! Love ya, hope you had a wonderful easter.