Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Funny things

First Alden.

Last week, he came up to me and said "Mom, I need a job. I need to make money."
I said "oh really, what do you need money for?"
So he whips out his Thomas the Train catalogue and shows me the things he needs money to buy.
I give him three options of things he could do to make money.
He could clean the whole toy room himself, vaccuum out the van (with our little hand vac) or he could tidy up the living room.
"No mom, how about I clean up this puzzle and you can pay me?"
"Um, you took the puzzle out and that isn't enough work to make money from."
"But all those jobs will take too long."
So he took his catalogue back upstairs to decide what he is going to buy when he gets his money.

Comes back down a couple hours later and tells me the same thing again.
Still disagrees with my jobs.
Goes back upstairs.

Comes back down and we finally agree on him cleaning out the fridge.
He did it (with help from mom) and so he made some money.
Although it wasn't NEAR enough to buy some expensive Thomas toys!!

Second Lucy.

This little girl has recently decided that dressing up is the best thing. A daily thing.
Almost every day she is wearing some kind of costume part.
A crown.
This day she wore this outfit to the store.
Yesterday she wore a crown to church.
It's cute.


Susie said...

Alden is soo funny. both your kids are getting so big. loving the dress ups I think she will be doing that for a while.

Anonymous said...

Your kids are really sweet Rhonda! Alden is a clever little cookie isn't he!

Annie XX

JA Crew said...

lucky and ella sound like two peas in a pod! she changes many many many times a day and has to have some sort of princess thing on. alden's too funny! i'm amazed that he actually helped clean out the fridge.

Heather M. said...

Alden cracks me up! He's so funny!
And Lucy is so adorable with those wings! We almost bought those boots for Helayna!

Fernandez Family said...

i love Alden's need for Thomas. I've currently hidden all things Thomas at least for a few days. Are you taking him to Heritage Park in May for a ride on Thomas and a meeting with Sir. Topem...?

Jewels said...

your kids are so cute :) I love the fairy wings/rubber boots combo!

Heather said...

Well he is leaning about doing good work for pay. That is good.

Lucy is so cute. I need to get some more wings for KEndra. She broke her other ones. Good thing they are only $2.

Sarah Shaw said...

all the Alden snippetts I hear from time to time crack me up!