Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well thanks for all the well wishes!
We are quite excited.

This morning I had a drs appointment.
Which I took Lucy too.
And it was fine. (Alden was in school.)
And to make sure of my dates, they asked if I could go to an ultrasound today at 3pm. So I said sure.

I went and I had both my kids with me.
The receptionist lady looks at me and says "don't you have anyone to watch your kids?"
I said "can't they just come with me?"
(I've had my fair share of ultrasounds... i lie there, they squirt warm blue gel on my tummy and poke a monitor thing into my tummy until my bladder is going to explode, while we sit and watch a computer screen... nothing a kid can't see..)

She stares at me like I am the BIGGEST idiot she has ever seen.
Says nothing.... just keeps staring.
Her: "How old are your kids?"
ME: "two and five"
Stares at me.
Says: "well did you actually drink the water?"
me: "Yes." (Obviously... i can READ and follow instructions)
Her: "We might have to rebook your appointment"
Stares at me.
Her: "Do you have your alberta health care card?"
Me: "Yes, it's right here"
Her: "Fine, take a seat"

So they give my kids some coloring books and tell them to sit behind the desk with them while I get my appointment. I explained it to the kiddos and they are fine.

When I come out, Lucy is crying and holding on to Alden.

None of the three ladies standing beside her are even looking at her or trying to see if they could console her. They are chit chatting about music and the recptionist's new tatoo.

So I try to set up my next appointment she says to me.
"So try and find someone to watch your kids."
Really? Don't you think I figured that out by then?

I'm not saying kids are perfect. Far from it.
But they are good at sitting there beside me.
And no where on the paper from the dr does it say ANYTHING about not bringing kids.

The kicker was after the lady was so rude to me, they had a sign that said something about how unkind words will not be tolerated.
Apparently that only applies to the patients.

Good news after all that.... I am actually at 15 weeks and 1 day.
So further along that we thought. :)


Heather M. said...

ARGH! Some people! What is up with that? And then the sign? Don't you just wish you had the nerve to say something at times like that?

But super cool that you are farther along than you thought - that's awesome! So when is your due date? And how are you feeling these days?

Susie said...

yes when is the day that your baby will not be born, they are never right are they? and as if the nerve of some people

JA Crew said...

i don't get why kids can't come!! it's ridiculous!!! when i booked mine, the lady on the phone told me if i had kids they couldn't come! what?? seriously what difference does it make??? anyhow, that's great - 15 weeks!! i wish i was that far i'm going CRAZY!!!

LindsayB said...

RUDE! ok, here's what you should do. write a nice letter (and make sure to mention the little be nice sign) and then bring your kids next time FOR SURE and just bring them in the room with you because they are such well behaved kids and you know they are so why not?!

Carmen said...

I am always amazed at the sheer rudeness of people. Gee, do you THINK if I HAD someone to leave the children with, I would have??? I would NOT have brought them to such a fun and exciting and child friendly place if I had the choice!!?? Rhonda, you are a much better person than me because I would have let that receptionist have it! At someone would have been crying, and it wouldn't have been me!! hee hee

Fantastic that you are further along! Very exciting.

MonaS! said...

GRRR - the lady has quite the nerve!!! I took Kiana when I was pregnant with Malachi - it was NO big deal. This woman needs to get a job where she doesn't work with people or doesn't need to talk to anyone. She is completely rude!

So excited that you are further along than you thot tho!

The Bing's said...

I cannot believe how horrible they were to you and the not cool at all. I hadn't heard you were pregnant yet, so it was a great surprise to read your blog today! Congratulations!!!!!!!

Brianne said...

Congrats on being pregnant! I hope you don't stay sick too long, that can't be fun with 2 other kids to look after.

Drennans said...

Holy congratulations!! I didn't even know! I must have missed a post!!! That's so exciting. But the dang lady at the hospital...what the heck was up with that??

Heather said...

Well congrats to you!! That lady wasn't very nice and mustn't have any kids. It's really a lot of work to get someone to watch your kids sometimes and then it might cost you money to do it.