Saturday, January 26, 2008


I felt the baby move last week. At like 4 am. After I had been up for a while with Lucy who was having a BAD night. A whole week ago today cause it was last Saturday. It's always nice to feel those little fluttering feelings. :) I felt him/her move again last night while laying and trying to get to sleep. Makes it all the more exciting!

I always forget how hungry I get. Some days (kinda of like right now) I am hungry but I have run out of things to eat. It's a funny phenomenon. I have to keep eating all day to keep the pukies away (that rhymes) so after a while you get tired of eating.

Lucy and Alden are kind of getting the whole baby thing. Alden more than Lucy. She still can't figure out where in my body the baby is. Still always asks if the baby is in my chest. I'm sure the bigger my tummy gets, she won't be able to ignore where the baby is. :)

Names are a hot topic. Not only with Regan and me but with everyone else. I have lots of names I enjoy. All are older. I don't like spell them funny or make up names. Just good solid old fashioned names. Like Lucy. And Alden. (A lot of people don't know but Alden is actually an old name. You meet old men in nursing homes named it.) We'll see who wins out with this one. :) Regan picked Alden and I picked Lucy.

It is always funny to me people's comments about my body during pregnancy. I was a house with Alden. I gained 50 lbs. I got really big. And my legs went straight from my knees to my toes. So attractive! But with Lucy I had a cute little basketball belly.I gained under 25 pounds.
And with both pregnancies people said differing things.
"Oh you're looking small"
"You can't be that far along, where is your belly"
And there are always those kind people who tell you the opposite.
"When are you due??" (Like you can't possibly make it another month being THAT LARGE. :)
Already this pregnancy I have heard both. That I am "punchy" already and others that "you can't tell at all". It just goes to show that it's all in the eye of the beholder. And that as long as your husband tells you you look beautiful at the end of the day WHO cares what those other people say :)


Susie said...

oh I bet you look fab! Yes we will see who "wins"out with the name. I wonder if I will be able to tell who picked it by the name?

Melissa said...

Congrats! When are you due? Are you going to find out what your having? Please do i can't stand surprises so i would be really excited if you found out...for my sake of course!

Heather M. said...

You look amazing, Rhonda! So happy and healthy and beautiful!
I'm so curious as to what baby #3's name will be...

JA Crew said...

that's so exciting. it makes the pregnancy so much more real when you start to feel them move around. i'm waiting for that day! i bet you look great!

Mary Mac said...

I miss that fluttery feeling!

You look great - would never even know that you are pregnant!

Crystal said...

Can we see that baby belly - and decide for ourselves!! Take care of yourself and that new babe. Did you know that Ava was the #1 girls name in Alberta last year, followed by Emma, Olivia, Sarah and Hannah. Boys names were Ethan, Joshua, and Jacob. Good luck picking!

Connie said...

How wonderful for you!!! Takes me right back in time, remembering that amazing feeling of constant companionship with the new little person. I too am a big fan of older names, spelled correctly. Have fun - who knows, you might find a name that you both love!

Cate said...

You're so tall, I can't imagine that you are popping out too soon (like i totally did). You'll have to post some pregnancy photos as you get larger!!