Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'd love to....

Are there things you always dream about doing?
One of the things I am always interested in is learning stuff.
I am sure that comes from my momma.
She dropped out of high school to marry my dad.
Then went back to school, after having 7 kids, finished high school and went on to university to become a teacher.
But besides that learning, the lady knows how to do everything.
Cake Decorating.
Cooking all types of ethnic foods and regular everyday food.
Photography (like real dark room developing)
Dry walling.
Seriously it's almost overwhelming the stuff she knows how to do.
She's trained to be a fitness trainer.
Really anything.

She's taught me a lot of stuff.
But mostly she's taught me that you can always learn to do more.
There are lots of things I'd love to do. Lots include learning. Some don't.
But here is my current list of things I'd love to do.

1. Attend a photography workshop. Like this one here or take this class or this one would RULE or another similar.

2. Take a french cooking class. That would be so cool.

3. Take a foreign language class. Like French or Spanish.

4. Travel Europe. There are so many cool things to see there and learn about history and art. I've wanted to see this Mueseum since I was younger. I want to see the Mona Lisa. One day.

5. Take another quilting or sewing class. I did one in Nova Scotia and it was totally cool. And I learned lots about my machine. I'd probably be better if I took a sewing one so I could finally learn how to follow the directions on clothing patterns. Those things might as well be in another language.

6. Attending this would be totally cool.

How about you? Anything you'd love to learn?
Are you finding ways to expand your mind already?


Denise said...

Your mom sounds like a pretty amazing lady but, I'm sure, the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree. ;)

And wouldn't it be amazing to take one of those photography classes? Wow! That's my wish too ... to become a better photographer.

Carmen said...

There are always more things I want to do! I am never satisfied with my "talents". My biggest one is to be completley multi-lingual fluent. I can speak 5 languages, but I have let it slide. My Italian seems to be suffering the most... I want to get back and study them all again and be fluent. And I am an education snob, so I want my Masters and PhD in History. I want to go to design school... I could go on forever!! I hope I can instill this passion for learning in my kids.

Mary Mac said...

Always stuff to learn. Right now I am working on motherhood. But someday, I would love to take anothe quilting class. And I've always wished I was bilingual. I love languages.