Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Food and Pictures

Doesn't that just sound like a GREAT combo??
food and pictures..
mmmmmm aawwwwww mmmm awwww

I've been adding a LOT of recipes to our recipe blog.
So there are lots of things to make. yummy things.
You can check for tags and find desserts
or breads
or things with chocolate
or quick things.
So give a look see and tell me what you make from it.
So all my work is not in vain. :)

And i've been adding photo shoots on my photo blog.
this one is one of my favorites.

although you know I am behind on my editing when this lovely pregnant belly is now skinny and looks as if she never WAS pregnant. And the little boy is 4 weeks old.
And pictures of him yesterday turned out GREAT. I am excited to finish editing all the others between so I can post some of the new little Nash.

Tomorrow I am teaching a photography class.
So wish me luck.


whitney said...

I saw all the new recipes, I'm impressed! Can't wait to try some. And speaking of picturse... I would love to add to your business next sometime when you are down this fall with some new family pics of me, Brad, and Ro. Figure out what you want for payment.

Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

i am going to have to head over to the recipe site once i am done here. i have been trying to make "real suppers" lately. the cereal for a dinner meal just wasn't cutting it anymore :)

Heather M. said...

Love that awesome photo!
I have to check out the recipes - I need help in that department big time!

MonaS! said...

Great photo! Have fun with your class.

I am going to check out that recipe site - maybe it'll give me some new ideas

Tisha said...

Great recipes! I'm super excited to give them a go! Can't wait for the pics to arrive! I've been religiously checking my mailbox daily!! That's a first for me!