Saturday, September 15, 2007

Confession time

I don't understand what people mean when they say they are going to "work on" a stain. What does THAT mean? The only thing I know how to do with stained clothes is to keep spraying it with oxy clean. If that doesn't work. I'm hooped.

I bake waaaaaay to much. In the last 4 days I have made banana chocolate muffins, rice krispie squares, about 7 loaves of bread, these amazing chocolate chip squares with caramilk bars on the top (thanks Susie), a cheesecake and a loaf of pumpkin bread. It just gets worse in the winter when it's too cold to go outside. Anyone want to come over for treats?

When I was up at Scrapfest I learned something. I used to really want to be a "famous" scrapbooker. But the weekend made me realize that I enjoy it, I think it's fun, but it's not about that. It's about my kids. And my wonderful husband. Not that I don't enjoy meeting great other scrapbookers, have fun momma alone time. Not that it isn't totally cool when my pages have been in magazines. But it's not about that. A good realization from Heavenly Father. To make sure my priorities are in order.

I think anything, besides books, with cartoon characters on it is lame. Ties. Lame. Shirts. Lame. Scrapbook paper. Lame. Dresses. Lame. Wait, I just thought of another situation. In the cartoons and in coloring books. So no. I don't want to see the new scrapbook paper with princesses on it. And no I don't want to see the dresses with princess on them. Lame.

I'm just so happily married. And so completely oblivious to how people have unhappy marriages. I know they are out there. But I just don't understand it. We were talking with some good friends about this last night. About how many people are unhappy in the most important relationship you have. We believe that when you are married in the temple then you are sealed for eternity. That's a long time.
My mom always told me that her and my dad had three things (among a lot of others) that really help their marriage succeed.
one - they never blaim each other or rub it in their face. We all know when we've done something stupid or wrong. No one likes to be reminded of it.
two- never talk about your spouse negatively to someone else. including your mom (or maybe I should say especially your family.)
three- every time a disagreement comes up my mom says to herself "is this more important than my marriage" the answer has always been no. so get over it.
My mom and dad have always been so happily married. My inlaws are happily married. I am happily married. Aren't i so lucky!


Heather said...

Good for you with making sure your priorities are straight. All the new "stuff" out there really can get you side tracked to what scrapbookings all about.

I use oxy-clean too as it's amazing. Soaking for a couple of days gets almost anything out.

Heather M. said...

You are awesome. I love that you are so open and honest and you constantly inspire me, Rhonda.
I'd love to come over and have some treats but you'd have to make them gluten-free. ;) Hey, maybe I should have you over one day and you can help me because I'm not a big fan of baking but I love eating it and I really want to learn how to make bread that I can eat.
Oh and btw, I think cartoon stuff is lame too. People like to buy Helayna this outfits with characters on them and I just don't get it...

whitney said...

I totally agree with the carton characters. But I say that underware and pjs are okay. A friends told me her rule - and I plan on doing the same - she goes shopping for kids clothes on her own, and then returns and exchanges if things don't fit. And then the kids get to pick their own pjs with whatever characters they wonat. Because if they insist on it at least not many people see their pjs!

LindsayB said...

haven't met a stain oxy couldn't clean, i wanna come for treats, and oh the lameness of the cartoons, don't get me started. on the weekend we found out a couple we know are getting divorced, had NO idea and did NOT see it coming. I said this exact thing, "i guess i'm just oblivios and think everyone is as happy as me in their marrigae." we are so blessed to be so happy.

Denise said...

Loved your post today Rhonda. When my dh and I were married (23+ years ago) a wise person said to us ... always remember, on the road ahead, that leaving is NEVER an option. And I have to agree. If you think about what is really important, things can always be worked out.

Dyane Higgin said...

Hey you! Funny, John and I were talking about how happy we are in our marriage last night. It seems that the majority of family members are having serious problems in this relationship. Sad. Very sad.
And cartoon characters, I hate them, it dates clothing. But Kyla was screaming in the store when I suggested she get cute little brown leather shoes instead of the sneakers with Dora plastered all over it! What do you do?
And as for stains, Rhonda, let me tell you that I am the Stain Queen of the world! You give me anything and I can set a stain in it! Permanently!! haha! love you!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts. I can completely relate with 2 things . . .one the scrapbooking. I went through a stage where I had to really remind myself WHY I was doing it. I started getting distracted in trying to make them look they way I thought the had to for a publisher and not for my family . . . and 2) I hate cartoon propaganda! YIKES! My dh tried to get me to buy shoes for my kids with characters and lights and all this hoopla . . NO WAY! . . . but then that brings me to #3 the one thing that is sad to say I can't agree with you . . . I do see how people can be in an "unhappy" marriage. Sometimes it startes beautiful. Sometimes life hits you hard. Sometimes we try to make the best of it. You are so blessed to have a beautiful marriage. May God continue to bless you!

Tammy said...

Awesome post Rhonda!! I love your Mom's three rules, very wise!