Tuesday, August 07, 2007

my sister

I made this page a couple years ago.... but I still feel exactaly the same. This is what I wrote on it.
"I realized something today. I'm starting to forget. To forget the way your hair hung around your face. How light your freckles were getting as you got older. The blueness of your eyes. It's fading. I wanted to smell vanilla. The smell of you. To see if it would bring memories back. The every day memories that keep you around me.
I saw someone and she made me think of you. I'm not sure why. She didn't look like you. She didn't talk like you. I can't place my finger on why she made me think of you. Is that evidence that those every day moments are slipping away? I wish I could freeze them. The memories. The heart to hearts and late night talks. Me and you. Our bond. Something I've looked for in relationships ever since you died. How I judge others. Every thing is compared to you. Replaying things in my head. But between those replayed memories, the spaces are getting bigger. It's only been five years. But those spaces are growing and that scares me. I want to keep you. If you can't be in my life, I want you still in my head. In my heart. To be able to call up memories in a second. And remember distinctly what you wore and how you said it. How you had your hair. God saw it fit to take you home. And I have come to accept that. But even though your not here, I still need you. "

I just wanted to make a little post today because 7 years ago today Kelly died.

This post really hit home with me yesterday. Melissa wrote it very well. Loss over time.

My sister Kelly.
Love her.
Miss her daily.

Thought I would share some of Kelly's amazing art.
These aren't the best photos of them.

She did this one for me. Since Nelson Mandella is one of my heros.
I have the original. And i LOVE it.

This is an 8 foot tall chalk pastel that hangs in my parents bedroom.

A unfinished picture she was working on when she died. She was looking at a picture I had taken a few months earlier of one of our nieces.

This was a picture Kelly would draw for people she loved when they got married. She didn't get mine finished cause she passed away weeks before my wedding. But I luckily was given an original from someone else that she had done.

We have an art scholarship in her name at our high school.
We sell her art and I really like that she lives on with her art in people's homes all over.
Some very special people have some of her art.
She would think that was the coolest thing.
Me and my mom agree.


MonaS! said...

Rhonda what beautiful work she left behind. She had such a gift and its such a gift for her to have left such a precious part of her behind!

Anonymous said...

Rhonda, I'm sure your sister was an amazing woman. Her art is incredible and I think you are doing an amazing job at keeping her memory and her legacy alive. I hope that you and your family can find peace in that.

Carmen said...

Gorgeous!! What amazing talent. What a beautiful legacy she left behind for the rest of your family. HUGS

patti said...

Your sister has left such a legacy for her family in her art. I remember your layout about her well, so beautiful and touching. My heart, thoughts and prayers goto you and your family as you celebrate her life.

threecows said...

I miss her too.
It's still not right.

Lani said...

Rhonda, Brianne told me you had a blog. We just started one, cause Casey is in the hospital with leukemia for the third time. So I have lots of time to look at things. I do think about Kelly lots, she is amazing. I will never forget her. I didn't realize how artistic she was. I'm glad cause now I can keep in contact. We have a blog to it is caseynish.blogspot.com

Dyane Higgin said...

I love her art work! I love the one I have and my parents love theirs. Thanks.

Crystal said...

((( HUGS ))), Rhonda. What beautiful art Kelly created. I imagine the people who have those pieces value them so much. Remembering you in my prayers today.

Brianne said...

Hey Rhonda, I hope it's okay I passed along your blog to Lani. She is very bored and needs something to do.

Every August I think of the things that happened to our families that summer years ago. Kelly is amazing. I am one of the lucky ones to have her art hanging in our home.

Michelle Jo Klomp said...

Wow her work is amazing. That is so great that you have a part of her in her artwork.

M&J Smith Family said...

Rhonda - I cried the first time I read your scrapbook page about Kelly while you were out here. I cried again this time. I remember how much fun Kelly was when she came to visit you when we were in Lethbridge. How thankful I am for eternal families. Love ya tons. Jodi S.

Heather M. said...

Hugs to you! Her artwork is incredible! I can't imagine how much you must miss her and it makes me so sad for you. I'm glad you have these pieces of her to help keep her memory alive!

Chantal said...

Your sister's work is amazing Rhonda! Her work is incredible! They are a beautiful gift you have to remember her. Take care!