Thursday, August 02, 2007

LA part 3

I've been busy around here... so I have been behind on finishing posting about my trip.

Been editing photos.... from a recent wedding.

there are more here

But back to the trip....
the third day we went down the coast a bit.
Went to Aquarium of the Pacific.
I love these kinds of things. :)
You can see more about it here

Saw lots of cool things.

This scuba diver was talking to the crowd and explaining about the fish who were swimming around him. it was totally cool. that is a 4 story tank too.

I think this was the nastiest thing we saw. A spider crab.
Huge and oh so gross.

While down inn Long Beach, we saw one of my favorite things in the whole world.
A lighthouse.
Fell in love with these in Nova Scotia.
This one was beeeeauitful!!

We went out to eat here. Which Regan loved since Forrest Gump is one of his favorite shows!

And then drove down to Huntington Beach to check out the water.
It was freezing. Well mostly the insane wind was.
But we saw lots of cool wind surfing/ kite surfing people.
That was cool.

On the way home we out to eat a Mexican Restaurant and some shopping at a mall.

Our last day we got up and went to the beach and went in a bit.
Before heading off to the airport and flying home.

It was such a fun trip.
And I know i want to travel some more.
While we were there, we talked about our next trip.
One day.

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Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

oh, your pictures are so beautiful. they make me want to hop on the next plane to a warm place!