Friday, August 17, 2007

Cookies for breakfast

You know how sometimes in the morning,
you are too tired to get up when the kiddos want to get up?
Well, they decided to play in the playroom
(which is the new spare bedroom we have now)
so I decided to lay on my bed while they played.
And I may of dozed off again.

I wake up hearing a cookie jar lid noise.

So I go downstairs
Alden and Lucy have eaten all the rest of the cookies in the cookie jar
that dad left in the living room on the floor.

They both had chocolate rings around their mouths.

Alden must have eaten more,
since he wasn't hungry again until around 1:30pm,
(not that him not eating is a sign of anything...)
but Lucy ate some breakfast anyway.

When I asked Alden about it later, all he said was
"they were good."

I'm glad he enjoyed it. :)


Heather M. said...

LOL!!!! Too funny!

LindsayB said...


what? you dozed off again? i have never!

Drennans said...

that is really funny!

Rob said...

yeah, sometimes if i don't get up when kelly does, i find her with the cookie jar. i have to send her to her room a lot.

really though, that is a funny story. your kids are hilarious.

Casey said...

This is really Lani. One time Max woke me up and he had white runny stuff all over him. I thought he was sick till I smelt him and realized that it was ranch dressing.

Tammy said...

Ha-Ha!! That's so funny!! Did you get photos of them with the rings round the mouth? That is probably a silly question right! Lol!!