Saturday, August 04, 2007

mr funny

While getting ready to drive home from the mountains tonight, Alden and Lucy wanted to watch a movie in the van. I had taken the dvds out so they didn't have anything to watch, but uncle brad had a baby enistien video we could borrow.

Alden looks at it and says "oh this is my favorite"
Then while I was putting it in, he was doing a little giggle and he says "I am cheering and shouting for joy."

The movie starts, and part of the beginning the lady says something about how this is made for your baby and toddler enjoyment and Alden says "i am going have enjoyment from this show."


Then when we were almost home I told the kids to look out the window and see the beautiful colors around us. I asked them to tell me a color they saw. Alden picked yellow for all the grass. I told them to look back to the beautiful sunset and see the pink and blue.

I asked Alden who made that sky.
he said "I don't know"
I said "Heavenly Father did. Didn't he do a good job with that sky?"
Alden: "oh yes."
Me: "It kinda looks like He painted the sky."
Alden: "But mom, He doesn't have any paint cans."


LindsayB said...

what a kid, that is too funny. doing my sharing time tomorrow, wish me luck. so glad you gave me tips for another site.

Carmen said...

He is a live wire!! Look out. His teachers are going to get a kick out of Alden!! I see many interesting interviews in your future!! hee hee

Tammy said...

Hey Rhonda,

Just spent the last half hour reading your blog and getting caught up. What beautiful photos from your trip and sounds like a fabulous time your having.

Your wedding photos makes me want to redo my photos again. I totally love the ring in the bouquet shot. Wow!!

Alden is so funny!! Love hearing what he has to say, never a dull moment.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

I love it when kids speak so freely and whatever comes to mind. Those are always the best moments!! Enjoy!

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Hey...just wanted to say thanks for sharing my blog link at scraptivity! :)