Thursday, May 31, 2007

a little tu tu

i was getting ready for another photo shoot a couple days ago.....
and getting out my props.
I don't have too many.
But I do have this one.

Thanks to my talented sister in law Erin.

Well my little helper found it.

And INSISTED that she had to wear it around.
Along with her winter boots.
The house.
In the car.
Walking outside.
Nice hot day.
Clothes + jacket + winter boots + tutu.

She even got a few compliments from passing people. :)

I wonder who's fashion sense she got?


Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

priceless! i always wanted a big tutu when i was little. i never had one quite as poofy as this one.
i attempted to make one for halloween one year and it didnt quite work out (that was seriously the first time i used a needle and thread so i didnt have high hopes).
i think the boots make it so much more dainty hehe!

whitneyjdavis said...

I LOVE the tutu! Now I need a little girl so I can have a picture like that - and use the pattern book that mom got at the quilt show. Can't wait to see what you make for Lucy's room.

MonaS! said...

how sweet - what a great tutu!!! I LOVE the boots.

LindsayB said...

so cute, i love it!

Carmen said...

Hey, a hot pink tutu goes with everything!! hee hee

Heather M. said...

ROTFLOL!!! That is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Lucy seems like she is getting more hilarious all the time. I'm so excited to see you all on the 1st.

Heather said...

Love the winter boots and the tutu. Very cute!!!

I just love that tutu with the babies feet picture.