Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Alden's GREAT day

This past week we made a little trek across town to see Uncle Sean at his firestation.
We had to drop off something so we made it a little family trip.
Our friday night party.

And when we got there Sean was out in the ambulance on a call.
But the firefighters were there.
I told them who we were looking for and they asked if we wanted to look at the fire trucks. I think they could see Alden looking longingly at the trucks.

So a nice young firefighter gave us a tour.
And seeing as he knew that Alden was Sean's nephew and that he loooves that Uncle Sean is a paramedic in an ambulance, this nice firefighter took the opportunity to sway Alden to how cool firefighters are.

They have this competition thing.
Between firefighters and paramedics/EMTs.

And little Alden reeped the benefits of it.

As soon as Uncle Sean pulled up in the ambulance he saw this.

Alden got to try on the whole firefighter outfit.
(And he looks uncomfortable because he is. That hat is HEAVY.)

So then Uncle Sean had to show Alden how really the cool thing is the ambulance.
So he let him try on his bullet proof jack and hat (also REALLY heavy)

And then he took him in the back and even hooked him up to the EKG machine.
Which was cool. Even dad enjoyed that.

This was a good day for Alden.
He loved it.

As for the rest of us, I've been taking photos of more soon to be mommies.
And spending time outdoors enjoying that spring is FINALLY here.

Looking to book some more photo shoots for the summer too.
I have a few more lined up.
That is coolio.


threecows said...

oh no... it's not a "fire station". It's a "Joint Use Facility", thank you very much :)

EMS rules!

Come see me again Alden!

Heather said...

Oh so much fun! Micah would love that too. He looks adorable in that huge fire fighter outfit.

LindsayB said...

Those pictures are sooooo cute. Alden looks like he was just loving every minute of all that stuff. I'm sure you'll be making those pictures into some really fun pages.

MonaS! said...

Looks like it was alot of fun for him. What great photos. Sounds like it was a great day!

Crystal said...

How cool for Alden! Uncles are the best guys going for little boys! I'm glad you captured it all on film!

Carmen said...

What an awesome experience for him!!

Heather M. said...

That is so cool! I love those photos! He looks so happy to be there! I love those big blue eyes!