Tuesday, May 29, 2007

NO way.

Lucy's new thing to say is "no way."

Mom:"hey Lucy, dad is home, why don't you go give him a hug?"
Lucy: "No way"

Mom: "Lucy are you finished eating dinner?"
Lucy: "No way"

Mom: "Lucy, let's put your shoes on"
Lucy: "No way"

Lucy:" Movie, Movie, Dora"
Mom:" Lucy do you want to watch a movie?"
Lucy: "No way"


twistedsoda said...

NO way...hehehe...that is so cute!!!

Heather M. said...

That is TOO cute! I love that photo of her!

Carmen said...

Take the "no way" before it becomes, "Mom, are you gonna get me some milk, OR WHAT?". That is the new phrase in our house... Ya. 4yr olds... Too much fun...

Sue said...

LOL! Must be the age because that's Aili's FAVOURITE saying (to the point of distraction!)

Not looking forward to the OR WHAT? phase...

Heather said...

How cute!!