Wednesday, May 16, 2007

7 lovely things

Well the coolest things have been happening lately.
One of which is that my favorite Scrapbooker/Collage Artist EVER tagged me.
Rebecca Sower.
And even came to my blog.(Which now makes me all nervous that I should have extra good things to say. ;) )
Anyway, she said "I'd love to hear 7 reasons why your life is lovely right now."
7 reasons.

1. Last Saturday we got to make a dream come true for Alden. We took him to ride on Thomas the train. And the first time he saw the smoke in the sky from Thomas coming around the bend. And then Thomas appearing. Seriously thought he was going to pass out from excitement. I will remember that for a long long time. And so will He.

2. I have been getting more and more photo shoots. My portfolio is building. And that makes me happy. I LOVE taking people's pictures. This lady, Julie, had her baby and I am taking her newborn's photos tomorrow. AND doing a fun group of grad shots for some teenages. I have some REALLY fun ideas. Hope they are up for anything.

3. Spring is here. Birds singing. Kids playing in the sandbox. Going on walks. Weiner roasts. Everything is coming alive. And i love it.

4.Regan and I are going on a trip in July. I'm not a trip person. I've never been on one really. But we are going to LA. Just us two. That is a first. And I am completely and utterly excited for it.

5.Fruit is in season. YIPEE. We eat a LOT of it around here. My kids eat a lot. Desserts with fruit. Fresh fruit. Freezer jam. Love fruit.

6. Regan. He makes my life lovely. Very lovely. I am so happily married. And so lucky. I am grateful every day for him. How hard he works for us. Medical school is a hard thing. He is so smart. I'm just so lucky.

7. My little Lucy is just SO fun lately. I LOVE the 18 month old stage. She talks SO MUCH. She laughs at everything (i am so funny to her!)She sleeps good. She is starting to play with things. She sits for stories. She says love you mommy to me. And kisses and hugs us. She makes life so lovely. I am especially loving this stage we are in right now.

Thanks for the challenge Rebecca!
Great way to look at my life.


Carmen said...

Those are wonderful things to be happy about!!

Crystal said...

That's a great list of happy things, Rhonda! You should do a little mini-book of them and then you can look back a year from now and see what's happened. That's one of Stacy Julian's awesome ideas from her Scrap Happy talk.

Heather M. said...

what a great list! so happy that you and regan get to take a trip!!!! yay!!

whitneyjdavis said...

Oh I wish I could have seen his face when he saw the train for the first time! It has been way too long since I saw you guys. Are you going camping next weekend with Sean and Val? I am pretty sure we are coming. But Brad still hasn't talked me into the sleeping over part of camping. Me and Roman might sneak back to Okotoks.

rebecca cooper said...

AH! Where is the Thomas train! Carson would FLIP out!!

MonaS! said...

What a beautiful list! Don't you just love the look on your kids faces when you make their "current" dream come true. I am very excited for you and Regan too!!! Lucky you!!!