Saturday, May 26, 2007


I feel like I have been so busy lately!

Had two photo shoots last friday.
A new baby girl in the morning

and then a grad photo shoot in the afternoon.

Last saturday i met up with some of my Scraptivity friends for a little get together.
Alden had so much fun.
And so did I.
In the evening Regan and I went on to Spiderman 3.

Sunday was busy with church stuff.
Monday we cleaned the house.
Deep cleaned. LOVE that.

Then Tuesday I went up to Edmonton to see my brand new Nephew and his mommy, sister in law Lindsay& dad Derik. (Along with Grandma, Sister in law's Brooke and Susie and bro-in-law Brett.)
Got to take some pictures and have fun.

Also went out to dinner with some GOOD friends I haven't seen a quite a while.
Some old roommates.
And man was that the best!!!! Oh I miss Rosalind and Dyane!
Then Wednesday night I went out for treats with some more Scraptivity friends.
And that was great too.

Caught this photo of Alden completely in the tv zone while I was taking baby photos. It cracks me up.
This is totally why he is not allowed to watch very much tv!
the tv zone.

Drove home Thursday, after stopping to see another friend in Edmonton, Maria, who had a baby girl around the same time as my SIL. They lived out in Nova Scotia when we did. Alden LOVES Fraser and Jane and talks about them constantly, so it was good to have a visit for all of us!

Friday we spent at home.
At least besides having dinner at a friend's house.

And then today, My mom and I went to a quilt show.
A big one. WE did LOTS of walking!
It was fun. And tiring.
No pictures uploaded yet, but man ws there some amazing handiwork there.

I have to do all my sunday prep tonight, mop the floor, work on my June Scraptivity kit, and get some more photos edited.

I feel tired rethinking about my past week.
Lots of fun.


Carmen said...

You truly have been one busy gal!!

MonaS! said...

Sounds like you had a crazy busy week. Beautiful baby photos. Very sweet. It was great to see you and hang out for a little while!!!

LindsayB said...

phew what a week. looove the baby pics.

Anonymous said...

After seeing that picture I think Alden would really benefit from cable TV. It looks like he has the zoning out part down. But I think having a few more channels would real help him with the channel surfing.


Heather M. said...

Wow girl, you have been SUPER busy!!! I hope you are doing well! Awesome photos!

Crystal said...

That sounds like a marathon week!! But all good stuff. Isn't it nice to re-connect with friends from long ago? Love the grad picture you shared!!

whitneyjdavis said...

Sounds like a lot is going on.
GREAT pictures.

Anonymous said...

Love the tv zone! My son, Jaden, is the very same way! LOL!