Tuesday, November 07, 2006

stuff to share

Some neat things as of late.

1. My oldest brother Sean is a photographer-extrodanaire. We have matching cameras. Which is good for me.... since he knows way more than me and figures stuff out and then shows me what he learns. A perfect set up. :) And he just started a photo blog.

2. I love stamps. A lot. A real lot. And I just found this company. And i love them. So many i'd love to buy.

3. Alden is saying the funniest things lately. He is constantly cracking me up. And Regan.
Last week while driving home he says:
A: "Are we going to the mechanic's or the doctor's house?
M: "To the mechanic's."
A: "Great!"
M: "Alden, did you know that they are my parents? Grandma and Grandpa Davis are my mom and dad."
A: " REALLY?, well who are Regan's parents?"

4. I love the whole premise of this calendar. And I totally want to buy it.

5. This Friday me and Regan are going to hear this guy speak. One of the neat thing about Medical school.

6. Since's it been a while since I shared a page on my blog... he is a recent one I did of Alden.


Crystal said...

I like that page, Rhonda! Thanks for sharing - and have fun going out with Regan on Friday night.

SmileyCarrie said...

Beautiful page... love the mix of b&w photos!

MonaS! said...

Great page Rhonda! Looks very cool! Alden is soooo funny - love your little stories of your your conversations. LOL!!!

Carmen said...

Those stamps rock!! I am totally hooked, lately, on anything that is retro or bohemian looking. I may have to purchase a few of those! Totally cool girlie!!

Heather said...

Fabulous page and Alden cracks me up.