Tuesday, November 28, 2006

new adventure

So tomorrow I am meeting some ladies to look at my photography.
Hopefully it will lead to something.
Started this as a place just for my photos.
An online portfolio of sorts.
We'll see how it goes.

And it other news.... man this weather SUCKS!


MonaS! said...

Good luck with the photography thing Rhonda! I hope something really great comes out of this!!! Beautiful photos btw!

Mary Mac said...

I love your photos!

whitney said...

I hear ya! I went Christmas shopping with my mom yesterday - yikes its cold!
Good luck with the pictues. But just remmber I let you "practice" (as if you need practice) on me so that means when you are a famous photographer with sooo many clients you still have to fit me in.

LindsayB said...

Thats so exciting, you have such a good eye for photography so use it right! Hope the move went well for you.

Crystal said...

Good luck, Rhonda! Your photos are wonderful!

Denise said...

Beautiful photos Rhonda. I wish you much success with this new venture.

Carmen said...

Yeah for you!! I totally love your photos. Here's keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!!

susie said...

my comments don't always work but I wanted to hire you to come cook for me maybe we'll both be in Calgary soon, although it is now that i definetly don't take the time to cook a decent meal..poor ryan and poor me. And yes the photos are great so good for you very fun! Hope the move went well or goes well. AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY (yeah I remembered) I hope to see a photo of YOU on your b day!!