Thursday, November 02, 2006

halloween 2006

Halloween 2006 was... um... interesting.
Really cold weather
a chicken unwilling to put on his coat and mittens
not so much fun.

Good thing I took pictures before things went to the toliet.
(if you'll excuse the pun.)

I went down south to my mom and dad's on Monday and spent a couple days at home.
I wanted Alden to experience Halloween with cousins and grandma's and grandpa's.
It wasn't exactaly how I imagined it.
But I got some good photos at least.

Lucy as the bee. It was hardest to get a good photo of her!

My seriously adorable niece Athenia.

I love this girl!
My sister in law Erin.
She is amazing.
6 kiddies.
And she is in school full time to be a nurse.
And she is only 28.
Amazing lady.

Little froggy nephew Roman. Cute cute.

Not in her costume - but looking oh so cute.

Alden made the most adorable chicken.
After trick or treating to the four houses we made it too...
he was frozen instead of fresh.

A cute witch and chicken played cars

Cousin and Cute little witch Zyan.

My Grandma Stasiuk was visting my mom's house....
and she was sharing her talents with us.
Her crazy quilt she was working on.
Which of course she quilted by hand.
What a piece of art!

It was fun to be around with my mom.
Didn't get to see too much of my dad since he was at work.
I missed Regan.
But Alden and Lucy loved getting to play with their cousins.
On Monday night when we got into town, Yael and Seth were over at grandmas.
After they left Alden asked what happened to his cousins.
They had so much fun together!


MonaS! said...

The kids look sooooo cute in their costumes!!!! Sounds like they had alot of fun!

Susie said...

Ohh so many cute kids at halloween. great halloween memories and many more to come. Loved their costumes!!
p.s I'll have you know i have left comments but sometimes they fail to show up. Not that it matters

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Alden's chicken costume!!!! They are all soooo cute!!!

Denise @ S! said...

Oh Rhonda, you have the most adorable little children. I can't believe how quickly Lucy has grown and she makes the most darling little bee.

LindsayB said...

What darling pictures. Who cares if it wasn't perfect. The pictures look like you had a great time! That little bee was so dang cute! I bet grandma bea loved that one.

Heather said...

The kids are so cute in the costumes. LOL on teh chicken for Alden. Oh it must be so awesome to be home with all your family at these times.

Crystal said...

Hey, Rhonda-
How nice that you got to go home and hang out with your mom for a bit. Sounds like there are lots of cousins!

Thanks for the info about the blog - I'll check it out!

Carmen said...

Very cute pictures!!

Heather M. said...

GORGEOUS photos, Rhonda!!!!! You must be LOVING that camera of yours!
6 kids?!?!?! That is CRAZY!!!! Seriously, I'm strongly considering having just one right now. I can't imagine doing this more than once, let alone SIX times! Wow!