Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Just wanted to share some pictures from a play date with had with our good friends the Chutes. They used to live 3 doors down from us, but the went a built an amazing huge beautiful custom designed home.
Now they live 40 minutes away.
Totally sad about the whole ordeal.
But happy for them.
Since their house is beeeeeeeaaaauitful!
So much fun to be with them.


Lucy Ann

Mr. Alden


Everyone is still sick around here.
In fact it has been 4 days of puking.
Hopefully sooner than later!


whitney said...

We have a sick house too. Actually now it is just Roman. Lots of puking just like your house. In fact, my carpet smells so bad I am renting a carpet cleaner if the puking ever stops. Oh and don't forget the teething. Fun times! Good luck with the move, hope everyone is feeling better come this weekend.

Crystal said...

Oh, I hope you are feeling better soon!! Being sick is no fun, especially for moms. ((( HUGS )))

LindsayB said...

I feel for ya. I hope Lucy is feeling better today, and I hope you are not pulling all your hair out.