Thursday, April 19, 2012

Listography + Embrace the Camera

list 68: places I’ve lived


1. Vanderhoof, BC

2. Hill Spring, AB

3. Lethbridge, AB

4. Cole Harbor, NS

5. EAstern PAssage, NS

6. Calgary, AB

7. Lethbridge, AB

8. Raymond, AB

(In lots of those towns/ cities I lived in different houses! )

And I'm embracing the camera with Emily.

Oliver and Me

Oliver and me Sunday morning using a self timer and tripod in the nice little pocket of light that occurs every day at our house in Eli's room right around 10 am.


Lisa C said...

You lived in Vanderhoof? That's where my BIL is from.

rebecca said...

super cute photo Rhonda...way to rock the self timer!! :)

Jess said...

Such a pretty photo!

Jess from A Winding Road

Heather M. said...

you've lived in a lot of places! wow! i imagine it would be quite the list if you wrote down all the actual buildings you lived in too.

love that photo of you and oliver. i've debated so long and hard about joining embrace the camera but i'm still too scared to commit to a self-portrait challenge.

whitney said...

Oli looks like Eli in this picture!

mari said...

Love it! Just wanted to encourage you to hop on over to our Mommy MOments PHoto Challenge and join in. You can do it for fun or for some fabulous prizes.