Tuesday, April 10, 2012

10 in Tuesday

1. We went up to Calgary to stay overnight one night and go to the zoo with cousins. Are we crazy for taking all our kids to sleep in one room.... I think so.

2. I think spring has finally sprung

3. It's Easter Break around here so the whole week is off and we've got lots of fun things planned. None of which include laundry. :)

4. When I first looked at this picture of Oliver in the tub it looked SO much like my nephew Jonas!!

5. We did lots of fun stuff over the Easter weekend.... how about you??

6. While my nephews were over Alden decided they needed to do some science. So we tried an experiment with milk, food coloring and dish soap. It's totally cool and easy! And the kids loved it! They wore sunglasses for the event. :)
The Experiment!

7. If you didn't look at yesterday's food post, go check it out and make them!

8. I am feeling crabby.

9. I am also going to bed early to help me not be crabby tomorrow.

10. I am so grateful for Easter and the true meaning of the season!


LindsayB said...

nope, crazy is sleeping in susie's basement with all your kids up every hour with a certain someone then going to the zoo and having that poor certain someone cry almost the whole way home, crazy. nothing making those cookies tomorrow won't cure though right?! also i like your crabby picture, it made me giggle, sorry.

Heather M. said...

your crabby photo is awesome. great job on the mood in that one. and i think it might just be a little crazy to have all the kids sleep in one room. did you get to see the penguins at least? i hope so!