Tuesday, April 24, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. It feels like spring is HERE. And maybe summer too.

2. Remember I said I got an ipod awhile ago?? There are some cool photo apps on there. Not NEARLY as nice of a camera as on the iphone that Reg has but it has it's place too. A little collage of shots from my ipod over the last while.

3. I need to do a whole blog post about Easter and all the things we did.

4. And I need to do a whole blog post about some other random family things too. Sometimes I wonder what is the right balance between family stuff and stuff like project life and cooking and all those kinds of things. Some days I have enough to say for TWO blog posts :) HA! What do you think about THAT?

5. I am anxious to get our backyard all done. Especially raised beds and a fence. And a cement pad with a basketball net. I'd love to play outside shooting hoops with my kids!

6. Went to the park today to meet a friend and then ended up seeing four other friends there too. Love it when that happens!

7. Mother's Day is coming up.... thought about a gift yet for your mom & mil??

8. Have you seen this? Scary!

9. I have decided that I want to do food photography. I think it'd be fun for like a magazine or a menu or website for a business. But the likely hood of that is small.

10. I might be getting a tad bit annoying with this.... but here is this again. If you haven't entered yet - do it!


Chelsea Belle said...

every tim e i read your blog I just wanna chat!

K, are these scheduled posts? I'm always amazed there up before your kids are probably out the door for school.

I keep meaning to do up a collage template for my iphone pics...

Food photography? You should just publish your own cookbook!!!! With awesome pictures.

Sigh, McKye is my TV child. Once we're outside, or socializing he loves it, his default though is "Stay home" watching stuff. We need to work on soem non-screen quiet time options.

Yup, when it comes to content I could blog non-stop
too! When it comes to time however...

Christy and Brett Bevans said...

Poor Oliver with his red eye. But I love that he still has a huge smile!!!!

Grace is a TV hound, but we stick to Treehouse and disney movies. Hopefully those are decent for kids???