Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Lucy at 5

Lucy at 5
• loves to giggle and laugh and can really brighten the room with her smile
• can still throw a mean screaming fit (did in Kindergarten today - how horrible is THAT!)
• wears a dress or skirt every day. I think she has worn pants twice since starting school
• loves to "mother" Eli and any other small child in her presence
• loves to bake and cook with her momma (hence yesterday's party post)
• favorite foods: chicken nuggets, steak, cranberries,
• loves girlie movies but will put up watching Toy Story every time with Eli
• loves to sing and wants to be good at singing when she grows up
• talks a LOT
• loves to have stories read to her
• i think she can actually read but she just doesn't know it. She will correct Alden as he is reading on words and then when I ask her how she knows that she says "well I saw that word before". And I'll say that's reading and she'll say "I can't read mom!"
• she likes some foods one day and then not the next
• LOVES being in ballet
• prays for a baby sister to come to her house a lot
• loves baby sitters and will ask when the next time she gets one is
• loves to do crafts and glue anything she can get her hands on
• is in a real girls only stage with everyone except her brothers
• can read between the lines quite well (as in get what you are trying not to say)
• has a bout 40 "owies" a day and cries over them and needs lots of snuggles to get over them, while she is hugging you saying owie owie owie she is throbbing hugging you - like squeeze, let go, squeeze, let go
• LOVES polly pockets
• has a bath with Eli every night cause he wants to and is very patient about it
• has a wonderful smile
• says every Sunday after church - "how come I don't have a GIRL primary teacher?"
• creative in drawing and enjoys it
• still loves Anise Wilde and says she just doesn't get to see her enough anymore
• constantly giving me art projects that she has made with stickers and drawings on it
• asks almost every day we check the mail "is there any for me? awww how come I never get mail?"
• loves having her hair short but still asks can I have a bun for ballet?"
• brings lots of laughter into our home.
We love you Lucy! Happy Birthday


Catherine Dabels said...

Did she just turn five or is this post about her last year and she just turned six? She seems so much older than 5.

Anonymous said...

I have Polly's for Lucy. Send me your mailing address and she will get a small package from my kids.

Marie said...

She is a wonderful girl. And those BIG blue eyes just get me every time!

Lora said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Alysha said...

I absolutely LOOOOOVE that picture! Happy Birthday Lucy!

Brooke Snow said...

BEAUTIFUL and so moving. Love the image. She's so lucky to have you for a mom!

Anonymous said...

Such a gorgeous image of her. :) She is a beautiful little girl who is growing up so quickly!