Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What.... pictures of me??

So I think often the momma ends up not being in the pictures.
Often it's the momma who makes sure that the pictures are being taken.
And often we worry about our weight, not wearing make up, and a bunch of other body image worries.

When I am taking pictures of others I tell them to relax and that they look beautiful. Everyone has something beautiful. Good eyes. Great smile. Most of the time I think it's more than just one thing too... but we don't see it.

Emily made me think about this with this post. (Em you are absolutely beautiful!)

And have you read this blog? or followed it? It will change how you feel about your self. Kind a slap around the head when you feel blue about yourself.

Great quote on there!
"There is in every true woman's heart a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity; but which
kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity." -Washington Irving

Sometimes I have to agree to hand the camera over to Regan. His favorite style of shooting is to just hold out the camera and shoot. And see what happens.

Like this one...

Which I happen to love.

And some times you have to get someone to take your pictures. I am always doing it for other people, but I hadn't had a good shoot of me for well... i don't know when. So I hired the ever so sweet and talented Rebecca Cooper to take our family pictures. And i love them. A lot.

So if you haven't had some taken of you in a while. You should DO IT. I'm not saying that to get me to do them. Get someone. Have, as my SIL Lindsay, would call it a model shoot. Just you and your hubby. (I think this would just be the funnest shoot to do! If you don't like your wedding pictures (or even if you do and it's been a while) have an already-married-engagement shoot.
Just the two of you! How fun!)
Just you and your two best friends since you were kids. (they are a big part of your life!)
Just you.
As long as you are in it. And do it soon! I am so happy I did.


photog said...

And I always thought you would make a great model!!! You can take mine anytime you're up here but again I hate having my picture taken without a camera in front of my face :)

Let the party begin... said...

I am not in the least bit photogenic and have to take 50 shots to get one good one. The camera loves everyone else in the family though, lol and I'm very okay with that. Those are gorgeous shots of you Rhonda...very fresh and pretty. We are suppose to get family pics done this coming month and that quote from Washinton is inspiring.

Visible Voice said...

Yeah I was thinking this same thing just recently. I was reading nienie and noticed pictures of her before she was in the plane crash...and that she had LOTs with her kids. And I was like..if anything happened to me and I didn't make kids won't have any pictures of me or see me with them. But yeah...I tend to stay away from the front of the camera...I'm always waiting...waiting until I look better!

Crystal said...

You are so beautiful! Regan's shot is cool :)) Thanks for the encouragement - and the new blogs to check out.

Crystal said...

And, yes - you are right! I am so blessed to see my grandchildren and be in their lives. God is good!!

Amy said...

Yep, those are great pics of you, and great words of advice. Hey, I just had a pic taken of me and my two best friends (on my post about A.J.'s b-day), does that count?

LindsayB said...

hmmmm, well, this is very interesting. i think just about about every gal feels like hiding from the camera at some point if not always. and why? i never look at pictures of other people and so oh she is hideous, i only say it about myself. so let's DO this model shoot of me!

M and J Smith Family said...

Every now and then I give the camera to Mike and ask him to take a picture of me with the kids (so I can prove that I was actually at the event/activity, etc). Also, every now and then I hold the camera out in front of me and one of my kids (heads squished together) and take a TON of pics hoping a few will turn out. It is usually a spur of the moment thing cuz I'm feeling like I need to have pics with them and no one is here to take them but me!

We are getting family photos this fall outside. I really want some with the beautiful fall colors.

Oh - and thanks on the info about the camera! I'm trying out what you said. However, in the end, I think I may have convinced Mike of my Christmas present! I'm doing some learning beforehand though so I can have a clue on what to do. I may need to call you again! Thanks for the book title. Gonna check it out. You rock Rhonda!

Susie said...

you're one hot mumma nuff said.
and about this model shoot. I think I could go for some model pics of myself.. huh. I'm sure in 30 years I'll love the greasy hair, no make up dirty shirt and all that right. but a few really done up ones can't hurt either. Thats it a GIRLS photo shoot, my place or yours? ha ha

Marie said...

Hi Rhonda! I like your blog; I had fun clicking around a little while.

Those are great pictures of you. I think my fave is the close up one.

By the way, I love the colour of your eyes. Beautiful.

Lora said...

Oprah said something years ago about making sure you had pictures taken of yourself, in case something happen to you. Then your family would have the photo memories.

Oh and thanks for the reminder about the couple pictures. I didn't have good wedding photos, we just handed a friend a camera and said take pictures. They didn't turn out the best. For my last anniversary I was going to get couple shots done and it just never happened :(

Christy and Brett Bevans said...

I love the second photo. You look fantastic!

I usually have to ask to have my picture taken with Grace. I need to remember to get more photos of her and I and of Brett and I.