Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lessons from the bike

It is strange to see Alden growing up. Obviously he is going to. And I knew that. But still it is strange.

He learned to ride his bike minus the training wheels about a month ago. (maybe a little less). He was nervous to try it.
But with his Dad's encouragement he did it.

Trying new things is not something that comes easily to him. He gets nervous. (a little too like his mother). Now one of his favorite things to do is bike ride.

He rides up and down the alley. It's a bit of a hill so he can ride all the way up and then coast all the way to the bottom getting some good speed. The best part? The whole time he is riding he is yelling "yippee.... wahooo.... yippee... ayayayaya...yippee." or something like that. He LOVES it.

And he's off!!!!

Makes me think, I should be a little less afraid to try things that make me nervous. I'm always encouraging Alden to do that. I should take my own encouragement to heart. I mean look at him. Obviously it worked out well. :)

And on a few different notes:

1. Yes you could get prints of that temple picture if you want it. Email me at steedr AT gmail DOT com if you want one.

2. Notice the blur in the background of the photo? You get that by panning. You stand stationary to a moving object and follow it with your camera as you are shooting. Then main person (Alden) is still but the background is moving. Clear as mud? You can read about it in more detail here.

3. We are off to Medicine Hat for three days for a Residency teaching days. Should be fun. (hopefully Eli sleeps okay as we'll all be in one hotel room)

4. I'm looking into days to do photo shoots in Calgary in the next little while as I've had a lot of people email or facebook me about it. So if you are interested, let me know sooner than later.


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LindsayB said...

well bust my buffers, it was actually ME that did that last comment on the post down there. i wonder how many other people's blog i commented on that night under your names. OPPS! guess thats what happens at granny's. don't you want to hang out with your fam or what?! hehe, you KNOW i know about this one.