Monday, August 17, 2009

Medicine Hat Weekend

On the weekend (well Wednesday to Friday) we went to Medicine Hat. You see as a resident you have teaching days were all the residents get together and learn about something (i think this past weekend it was about NICU stuff?? I think). And they pay for you to stay in a hotel with your family and you can all hang out.

We are lucky in the fact that in RAS Lethbridge based there are all these kids.....
Between the Wilde's, the Bly's and Us we've got all these guys. And they enjoy each other. Which is great!

On Thursday we went to a great park in Mad Hat where the kids played and we talked.... (and I chased Eli around) and the kids got together and put on a play for us. It was a variation on Goldly Locks and the Three Bears. It was pretty cute.

Just the little girls

I always keep some outside sand toys, two Frisbees, a few cars, sidewalk chalk in the back of my van for days such as this. Eli loved the sidewalk chalk.

Wednesday after noon I stayed in my room with Eli sleeping and Anise (the Wilde's youngest) and all the other kids went to the pool with Nancy and Jen. They were in the waterslides and pool for almost 4 hours. And some of them started to cry when it was time to leave. heehee

I took Eli down a few times.... and he had this face when we started...and when we got to the bottom. He is so funny that way. NO emotion at all.(kinda the opposite of my other two in that way....) AND (I'd like you to notice my seeeeeet farmers tan.)

Everybody on the slide.







Yes those are his ribs. Yes I try to feed him. Yes I am aware he is insanely skinny. I used to look like that too. And my little brother Justin. We always called it Ethiopian skinny....

Anise just after we (as in the nappers) joined everyone

Careful now boys...

All the boys running back up to go down again. (not sure why they had to run since we were pretty much the only people there...)

Lucy and Tameron (who are the same age minus one day)

The pool

Friday morning me and the kids packed up and left the hotel by 9:30 am. The reason? Eli had 4 hours of sleep the night before. I stood in the bathroom with him for almost 45 minutes to try and muffle the sound for everyone else trying to sleep.

Come 7:30 when he woke up for the day, I was about ready to pack it in. So Reg found another ride home and I left. We were home by noon and Eli napped in his bed. The whole way home he was falling a sleep so I kept handing those little strawberry marshmallows to him to keep him awake. So by the time we were home he was covered in pink sticky stuff. But he was awake. :)

I'll leave you with this great tree that I just love love loved from the park in mad hat! It would have been very cool to see it at sunset or sunrise.


KellyLady said...

love the pink marshmellow tip! I might have to try that on Friday as I'm driving home with the 3 by myself! I think I must be crazy!

Jen and Ian Isackson said...

So fun.... Alden is getting so tall too! Is Eli walking already? Your family is beautiful Rhonda

Connie Nichol said...

ah, don't you just love hotels with waterslides!! Fantastic photos!!!

Julie Spackman said...

fun pictures!! long nights... not fun. is eli teething still? (i don't know how long that usually goes for) gabby is teething and so we've had a fun coupla nights... I really wish that she'd just pop ALL of them all at once. have a really awful week, and then just be done with it!! :)

Amy said...

What a fun trip despite the Eli troubles. Like I said, he's cute and that makes up for it.

MonaS! said...

what a great idea with the pink marshmellows. What fun you guys had. I LOVE hotels with waterslides! Glad it was so much fun for you.

Jennifer said...

Great pics Rhonda! If I ever get my act together I'll post mine too. It was a tiring, but fun couple of days :-) Thanks for the fun!