Monday, December 08, 2008

Guess Who

had cereal for the first time tonight??

(Reg took this picture tonight as I was feeding him)

At 5 Months Eli

• loves tummy time and can lift all the way to his waste (will be on his hands and knees soon)
• sleeps on his tummy with his arms spread above his head and his legs kicked out spread eagle
• really really wants to try food. Often grabbing at any that is near him.
• loves to look at books (and try to taste them)
• can sit tripod (with one of his arms on the floor too) for about 1 minute (most of the time)
• will smile at anyone or anything that comes near him
• has started sleeping horribly lately (up every three hours for the last few weeks)
• has started drooling constantly.
• seems to have started teething (didn't he get the memo we don't teeth in this family until like 10 months!)
• loves to put everything into his mouth
• just noticed his feet
• loves to use his voice to make all kinds of sounds
• thinks Alden and Lucy are hilarious
• is so excited to see his dad when he gets home
• loves to play with toys, especially his little lap music maker, and gets quite a serious face while trying to press the buttons
• is wearing 3-6 month clothes with some 6-9 month clothes too
• tries to sit up constantly (like he is doing stomach crunches)
• breastfeeds every 3 hours
• wakes up around 8:30am each morning
• naps at 10am until noon
• awake until around 2:30 when he napes until his mom rudely wakes him up each day to go get Alden at 3:15pm
• awake until around 6pm has a short hour nap
• then goes to bed around 830pm
• loves to stand up
• thinks that mom laughing is soooo funny
• loves to chew his blanket
• recently decided that the bath is awesome and loves to kick the water and suck on the washcloth (gross)
• has at least one poo blow out a day (even more gross)
• loves to roll from front to back to front
• is just a real sweetheart


M&J Smith Family said...

what a handsome little man!!

Amy said...

Did you photo shop some extra blue into his eyes? JK, he is a cutie.

JA Crew said...

he is ADORABLE!!!! i can't believe he's 5 months already! that means will is almost 5 months too!!! CRAZY!

Melissa said...

aw! he is so big already!!

Jessie said...

So cute Rhonda, I can't believe he is already so big!

Brittany said...

he is so stinkin cute...and it was so fun to read what he was doing cause Evie is almost five months and doing just about the exact same things.

Carmen said...

He is growing so fast! Wow.

KellyLady said...

Ahh...he's so cute! I love that stage of baby hood! Makes me even more anxious for this one to get here.

MonaS! said...

what amazing little eyes!!! They are sooooo blue.

Lora said...

It's amazing to think he is 5 months already!! He is so cute!!