Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday Seven

1. Thankful for the opportunity to scrapbook. And the supplies.
(My pages this past week from February 2008 kit.)

2. Thankful for a wonderful man and leader who lived a good life and that a new leader and prophet is called to guide us.

3. Thankful to watch classic old good movies while spending time with Regan.

4. Thankful that grandma and grandpa are always willing to have us over and even watch our kids (plus extras sometimes).

5. Thankful for good books. Just finished this book.
(sorry the picture is all grainy...)
And i LOVED it. IT is the biography of Audrey Hepburn. Regan got it for me for Christmas. She is my favorite actress. Love her movies. And Love her even more now that I've read about what an incredible person she was!
I'm reading this one now.

I'm halfway thru it and it is just wonderful too. I really love reading biographies! After I'm done I'll give you some intersting tidbits about her. She was really quite the lady! And in honor of all of the French food I am reading about, I am cooking Poulet Poche Aux Aromates for dinner with Crepes Fines Sucrees for dessert. Hope the guests engoy it! :)

6. Thankful that my kids play and play and play. We've had a friend of Alden's sleeping over for 3 nights. It was adventerous but fun. And now that the kids are by themselves that have been in SERIOUS play mode. Both making up their own little stories and talking to themselves right now around me. It is so cute. Lucy acts out Dora stories she has read and Alden makes up complete mixes of stories, movies and new things to make stories.

7. Thankful for when Alden sits and lets me take his picture. Especially when I don't have to even bribe him. :)


JA Crew said...

love the pages! once again, super cute! k in english what did you make for dinner?

Heather M. said...

LOVE that photo of Alden! It is awesome!

And your layouts are so sweet!

Love your list too!

LindsayB said...

cuuuute alden. i have no idea what you made for dinner but i wish i was your guest. i made buns last week, thought you'd be proud of me. i still want to go and rent an audrey hepburn movie. belly picture?

Julia and Josh Blakeney said...

amazing feb. pages. they really look great. you are so talented.
p.s i think audrey hepburn is one of the most beautiful women ever. classic beauty.

Drennans said...

Love your posts! Yeah I just found out the other day when she was starting up her own blog and she looked at my links and was like...that's my cousin!! I love that! She's awesome...she's my bestest Manitoba friend!!

Susie said...

your pages are great & so are all the pictures and stories with them. Been thinking of you... & I second the belly photo??

Anonymous said...

Really gorgeous pages Rhonda!


Crystal said...

I love your list! You have such a sense of peace and love of family about you. And your LOs are lovely - the one of you and Lucy made me tear up. ((( HUGS )))

Baptiste said...

Julia Child' book is awesome! One of our favorites! Hope you're well! When are you coming to Utah?