Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Seven

1. Thankful that things went pretty good at a FREEZING cold wedding in Banff that I shot with my brother Sean. It was COLD. But fun.

2. Thankful for good books. Finished reading Julia Child's biography. And loved it. She was quite the lady. She was really tall (and actually had the same size feet as me...12). She and her hubby Paul were both in the Army and that's how they met. They got transferred to Paris when Paul was working for the American government and he was busy all day and that is where she fell in love with food. And decided to learn to cook it. She always wanted kids but they never ended up ever getting pregnant. Her famous book about French cooking took her over 15 years to write. And was first WAY longer.

3. Thankful that it was warmer today. Seriously too cold lately.

4. Thankful for the library. Love to get books and so do my kiddos.

5. Thankful for a healthy baby as seen in the ultrasound. I had my 20 week one and the lady couldn't see the spine fully so she wanted me to come back (annoying) but then Regan could come to the next one. So both kiddos came too. And in the waiting room Lucy kept saying, "well where is the ultrasound?" over and over. Then in the room she looked at the screen and says "I don't see a baby" Alden replies "it looks like a dragon." :) Lucy kept asking for the rest of the day where the ultrasound was. It was funny. She'd pronounce it like ULTRAsound. heehee

6. Thankful for the sweet deal on a little piano we got this weekend. It needs a bit of tune up. But so excited that we have it in our home. Regan plays and so do I. And since Alden has been in music classes for 2 years now, he is learning a lot. Now we can transfer that to the piano. So cool.

7. Thankful to be feeling a lot better lately. I am more forgetful (if that is possible!) but feeling less sick.

And here are two fav photos from the last posted shoot on my photo blog.


Amanda said...

I am so happy that you are happy with the piano! I am glad some one can and will use it and it will be played! We miss you already and Jackson loved Alden's valentine, he says to say hi to Alden adn want's to know when he can come for a sleep over.

JA Crew said...

ooo i want a piano!!! i'm DYING for one!!! i'm glad it's getting warmer too. hopefully it just continues to warm up!! super cute pics too!

Lacintha said...

Hi Rhonda..congrats on the pregnancy! What awsome news!!!
The "dragon" comment just made me laugh! ...:)

Anonymous said...

You might enjoy this.

Susie said...

we are thankful you were home & we got to stop by to see ya for a bit.

MonaS! said...

So happy the ultrasound went well! Congrats on the piano too - I love to just sit and play!

Heather said...

Praise God for awesome news of a healthy baby so far. Glad that Reagan was able to come too. LOL on the dragon.