Friday, February 22, 2008

10 things about me when I am pregnant.

5 not so nice....

1. my lower back starts to ache and it makes it hard to sleep. it's started already.

2. i am still taking dicletin. i tried to go off it and spent a day and a half puking my toes up.

3. i could seriously eat all day long. And there really aren't THAT many things to eat!

4. when my kids are having a bad day I spend most of it thinking, WHY am I adding another child??

5. heartburn. ouch.

5 that are kinda funny.....

1. i have crazy dreams. i mean werid ones. I've already dreamt that my mom was having a baby, which she decided she was to old to have one so they were going to throw it away. I told her I would take it and she was arguing with me about how crazy that would be since I am having a baby. Another was that we bought my grandparents old house and we were fixing it up and all these old guys came in with their coffee who wanted to play bingo with my grandpa and I was arguing with old men about taking breakfast away from my kids. Stealing bacon from them.

2. i want to eat weird things at weird times. like devilled eggs at 10pm or mini pizzas for breakfast.

3. when the baby kicks you and it surprised you and you jump and people look at you funny.

4. i cry over EVERYTHING. not getting invited to dinner, getting invited to dinner, movies, cartoons, books, talking to strangers.

5. my belly button sticks out, but only half way.


Lisa C said...

Rhonda, you are so funny! I love reading your blog.

Jess said...

I love your ten things. I hope your nausea gets better. I totally had it horrible with Abby. The only thing that worked for me was those wrist bands for car sickness. Good luck!!!

Amanda said...

Oh what a good laugh...only because I can identify with most of you list. The crying thing for sure. My biggest thing right sense of smell is out of control....I get super sick in the grocery store because there are so many smells. I can smell the minute Walker messes his pants even when he is two rooms away.
Oh the joys of pregnancy!

LindsayB said...

i had ridiculous dreams too. i was excited to sleep to see what kind of entertainment i would have.

JA Crew said...

hahahha i LOVED this post!! so funny. what is it with the weird dreams???? I have them all the time now. I'm still on diclectin too, and probably will be until the bitter end - lots of fun! hopefully you'll be off soon!!!

Susie said...

I'm still having weird dreams (and I am not prego) I think you should have included a nice prego picture with this I am sure you are just glowing even if you don't feel it.