Monday, March 05, 2007

um... .stuff

First, thanks. It's nice to see who's out there...reading.
And I especially enjoyed Peter's funny comment.

Second, the phone is fixed. Which means Peter - you can call now.

Third, Here are some pages from the Scraptivity March kit.
The design team did a GREAT job this month. You can check them all out
here. Some new and exciting things will be happening around Scraptivity. It was recently sold to a great new owner Barb. (Or Barb-a-rama as I like to call her.) Better customer service, lots of improvements.

Fourth, check out this coooooolio Etsy shop. It has the cooolest handmade jelwery made from antiques. The Broken Plate. For those of you who don't know, Etsy is like an online craft/ handmade shop. Anyone can make a shop and then you sell your stuff on there. There is some COOL stuff. I love the homemade toys, the art, stationary. Lots of really cool stuff. One of my favorite Scrapbookers EVER has a Etsy shop. One day I'll buy something she has made. (You can check out Rebecca Sower's stuff

Fifth, we've had a billet staying with us for the last few days. Grace. She is gone now, but it was so great to have her here. We made a new friend for sure! She came to do an interview for Medical school at U of C. We'll see if she comes back . She is from Newfoundland. (so if you are reading this Grace - it was great to have you here!!!)

Sixth, I am losing my voice. It sounds awful - but i don't feel sick. i lose mine a lot. and i haven't for a while... so it's time.


Susie said...

i have checked out etsy before it'as soo cool. i'm usually a little leary of buying online, fun to browse. And great place if i had anything to sell. Susie

Crystal said...

Hope your voice is better soon!

Heather said...

Fabulous pages you did with the kit. Hope your voice is better soon. Make sure you check into that seems weird that it would go so often.

Susie said...

p.s really cute & fun banner

MonaS! said...

Hope you are feeling better soon Rhonda! Great pages that you did with the kit.

LindsayB said...

Cute pages, and I love the new banner.

patti said...

cool cool layouts ms R!! I'm sorry to hear you're loosing your voice, I hope you're on the mend now! Must check out the etsy shops sounds like something my dh and credit card should be worried about!! :)

Anonymous said...

Good to hear your phone is working again Amazing what happens when you pay your bills, or should I say what happens when you don’t. Anyways, you all can expect a phone call from me anytime now that your phone is working. Just like old times


Rashelle said...

Your house looks great with the new paint and decorating. Hope you get feeling better, all of us just finished getting over bad colds this last week.