Monday, March 12, 2007


A couple of people have asked me about my pictures.
So I'll give you the low down.
at least as far as I know it. :)

Q. What kind of camera do you use?

A. My camerea is the Nikon D80. I have a 50mm lense and the kit lense that comes with it. Both great. Right now I am borrowing a friends' 70-300mm lense too. I love love love love (x100) my camera. I am thankful for it everyday.

Q. "Your kids eyes always look great, do you do anything to them?"
A. Yep they have their dad's GREAT crystal blue eyes. His color and My shape. I think at least. They are easy to photograph because they have such a rich color and big eyes. Most of the time I run a few actions on my pictures in photoshop. I always lightening the catchlights a bit with the dodge tool. Set at highlights, Exposure at 8 and my brush at about a 47. It just lightens the light in their eyes and makes them look that much better. I also had a professional photographer tell me that if the eyes are in focus, the picture always looks better. So I often run an unshapren mask on just the eye area. Not always, but sometimes it adds a little touch of goodness.

I downloaded a great action called basic boost, which I jsut LOVE. It takes that smurky grey look that digital photos have. Clears them up really nicely. I almost always run that one. And then a USM action that I have too.

I bought some plain cotton for my black background. It was seriously cheap. I am going to cut it in half and sew it together, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. But it has worked just fine how it is. I have some other ideas for baby backdrops, the I am going to get for my next baby shoot that is coming up.

I am going to teach a little class on photography coming up on April 10th.
And I read on Heather's blog about her photo process. She had some great tips and ideas.

My tips.
1. Get closer. I learned in a college photography class that if you are afraid to get in the way by getting to close, then you shouldn't be taking pictures. You have to be unafraid to get right in there. I am a big fan of close shots. (That's espcially why I love my new 50mm lense!!)

2. Before you shoot, notice the lighting. I am a BIG fan of natural light. I hate the flash. I know it is necessary sometimes. But natural light is so much more flattering. And natural looking... since it's natural. :) Look and see if you can rotate 30 degrees and get more light on the person's face. It will help all around.

3. If the person in the photo is uncomfortable in the pose, they will look it in the picture. I am not much of a poser, I like people to be natural. How they would normally stand or sit. But when you have to pose them, make sure they are comfortable.

4. Look what is in the background. Look for disctracting colors, objects, people. Anything you don't want. Move so it won't be there, or make sure you can photoshop it so that you do like it.

5. the thirds rule. To not put something right in the very center. That is something my momma taught me a long time ago with painting. Make the subject off center. It kinds of gives a little breathing space to your pictures. Some of my favorite pictures have lots of open space on one side or the other.

6. Look for emotions. I think those make the best pictures. When shooting people in love, look for them naturally displaying the love. It's there. You just need to be patient and watch for it, and be ready to catch it with your camera.

7. Get up or get down. On the floor with the kids, or up above the person. But make sure if someone is looking up to you, make sure they are looking with their whole face, not just their eyes looking up to you. It's that whole natural look thing on number 3.

I guess those are the things I try to keep in mind while I am taking pictures. I have so much more to learn but I think the amount of pictures I have been taking lately is really helping too. Practice practice practice. I think too, I have some photographers that I really look up to and I have studied their work and tried to figure out what appeals to me in their photos. I keep looking at their stuff. To get inspiration. And then try and impliment that into my own photos. There are so many awesome photographers out there!

This week I have a photo shoot with my Wedding clients that are coming up on the 24th. We are having a meet to see where they are getting married, and I haven't met them yet. So we are doing that. One of my brothers Sean and I are doing the wedding together. He will be with the groom and I will be with the bride before the wedding, and then we will be shooting the rest of it together. One price, two cameras. I think it is a great way to go! (and we don't cost to much either. ;) )

On that note, I'll leave you with one of my favorites from a couple of days ago. Alden and Lucy snuggling nad laughing together. Love it!



LindsayB said...

How could you not love seeing your kids laughing together like that? Soooo cute!
Thanks for the photo tips. I'm always wanting to know more. I really want to start doing more to edit my pictures.

Crystal said...

Thanks for the tips, Rhonda! I need to learn more about PS and how to use it. Good luck with the wedding shoot1!