Thursday, March 08, 2007

this little girl

This little girls has recently decided that she loves to wear her big brothers Thomas slippers. But she quickly realized that it is way easier to only wear one. Cause she trips when she wears two - they are waaaay too big. But oh so stylish!

And here are two more of my favorites from yesterday.

And I forgot to mention, i've added another session to my photoblog.
Take a look if you so desire.


Denise said...

Your photos are awesome Rhonda and how clever of Little Lucy to have the slipper thing figured out. I love her fashion sense.
Question .. have you used any sort of special filter on the photos of Lucy and Alden? I *adore* the look of their eyes.

whitney said...

I think that is my favorite picture I have seen of Lucy, such a cute smile in it.
So sad I missed your call last night.

LindsayB said...

Love the slipper. Such cutie kids. Alli likes to carry around her little purse, or anything that she can put on her shoulder like a bucket or a belt, it's cute. Also Lucy looks really tall in those pictures. I thought Alli was getting taller and I measured her, nope 3rd percentile for height, oh well.

Susie said...

Great phots of course. Kids look darling. I can't wait to see you soon.

MonaS! said...

I am always captured by your kids' eyes. They are soooo stunningly blue!!! They look like their dad that's for sure. Checked out your photo blog. My dear you are soooo talented. Gonna be in Calgary this spring - think I am gonna call you to do our family photos. You are one talented woman

Heather said...

WOW on that picture of Lucy at the bottom. I think I need to look at your photoshop techniques for the eyes closer now.

LOL on teh Thomas slipper.