Wednesday, January 24, 2007

this boy.....

While driving home from a friend's house I suggested we should go to the park,
since it was so nice out.
His response.
"I can't, I'm too lazy."
That sealed the deal.
We went to the park!

After asking me to watch a movie again, and having me say no again.
His response.
"But mom, I'm just so sad about that."

While helping him say his bedtime prayers last night, I prompted him to thank Heavenly Father for his dad, his mom, Lucy and Alden.
His response.
"But what about dad? he's my favorite."

This boy, makes me laugh every day.
Even when he's not trying!


Anonymous said...

That kid is pretty cool
He knows what's what.

my4blessings said...

What beautiful blue eyes! Sounds like you have built-in entertainment.

Jodi Pilling said...

Awesome pictures!

LindsayB said...

That is a funny kid! Soooo cute with those blue eyes.

MonaS! said...

LOL - what a funny boy! And he's a heartbreaker with those amazing eyes!

whitney said...

Does this cuttie know what killer blue eyes he has?

Heather said...

I so need to write some of Micah's funnies down. Thanks for reminding me again!!

Alden is hiliraous.