Friday, January 19, 2007

these two

are learning to play together.
And exist happily together.
And nothing makes me happier than that.
Yesterday they were playing "trick or treat."
Alden would hold out his bucket and Lucy would fill it with blocks.
And Alden would pretend to eat it. His candy.
And then Lucy would hold it out and Alden would fill it with blocks.
They had fun.

After their trick or treat game, they both had a bath together.
Which was a big deal, cause Alden likes to have the whole bathtub to himself.
He is a 2 hour per bath kinda kid.
Lucy loves it, but is in and out.

So I finally get them both in the bath, all the toys are in....
I start by soaping up Alden's hair....
and I see a UFO (Unidentified FOREIGN object).
Little Lucy pooed in the tub.
So I had to grab them both out, all the toys, clean the tub and then run water again and wash that soap out of Alden's hair and wash Lucy.
It was an eventful bath. But they were having fun together!

Today Lucy sat and watched him play his v-smile game.
I love to see these two together. Laughing, playing.
Enjoying each other.
It makes my heart swell in a way that is hard to describe with words.
It's love.


Heather said...

Such a cute picture. I love to watch my two just like this. Just amazing how they interact.

It took Micah a while to share the tub too (it was his swimming pool). Sucks on the poop in teh toilet. Micah used to do that but so far so good with Kendra.

Carmen said...

It is sooo wonderful when they play together by choice and not because they are forced! Awesome.

Susie said...

aww that is so fun to watch yeah! I wonder what they will be like when they grow up through the years probably best friends sometimes and not so much at times...

my4blessings said...

How wonderful that they are enjoying each other. Your bathtime sounds hilarious, glad you were able to just keep on!

LindsayB said...

oh goodness, what a bath. i can't wait to see how alli will act with the new one coming soon! ps lucy's shirt in that picture looks like a really cute one, even just from behind.