Sunday, January 14, 2007


You one thing that I think it so funny about being a parent.
How God makes you eat your words.
You say I'll never let my child do whatever..... and what do ya know - your kid is doing it.
You'll never have a child that stays up late, or is a picky eater, or give a soother to your kid.
Or whatever it is.
Every body has those "I'll/they'll never" ideas.
Even if you don't say them.... there in there.
And then God gives you a child that does that.

And i think it's good.
Cause you can see that that was a prideful, judgemental thought anyway.
Since you haven't been in that situation.
That is God.
Teaching you.
He brings your sad little-judgemental-self around full circle.

I have heard mom's talking about how they cry when their kids go to school.
And how they are all tears and can't believe their baby is so big.

And to be honest.
I thought they were being wimpy.
Buck up.
You get to send your kid off for the day.
That sounds awesome.

Well, tomorrow I am going to register Alden for Preschool.
It isn't even kindergarden yet.
And he won't even start til September.
But I feel all emotional and weepy about it.
How silly.
Guess God is bringing me full circle. again.


Heather M. said...

Um yah, I hear ya. It's happened to me a lot since Helayna was born. The soother thing. The letting her sleep in the car seat. The cry-it-out. The crying in the stores. Yah, I'm eating my words a lot.
And I think it's okay to be weepy about him going to school. It's a big step, a big change. He's growing up and fast. Hugs to you!

whitney said...

I hear ya. Only ten months and I hear ya. Life is funny that's for sure. I'm sure there will be much more eating of words to come, especailly with more kids. NOT a hint by the way - I have been getting asked the question ALOT lately and Roman isn't even a year old yet. BACK OFF PEOPLE.

Heather said...

Totally understand about eat your words. You never know until it happens to you.

Totally normal to feel that way about Alden going to school. Your adjusting with them in a new routine and such.

Carmen said...

It is a big step! Although, I have to say, I found it easier to send Isabella to pre-school than I did Ethan... I was not all emotional about it. But she is a much different child and she NEEDED to go out and be educated by others and have little friends, and not be with me every second of the day anymore, etc. etc.

Don't worry - it will be great!!!

MonaS! said...

Yep - that happens to me too! I still cry on the first day of school. And my kids are in the 3rd and 2nd grade. Funny, eh?

Susie said...

Hey Rhonda,
I have to say it... buck up he he. Can you tell i have no kids. I laugh at some of the parents that drop their kids off at school (last year we couldn't let parents in the same door as kids so they just stood and watched them in the boot room and then fade away down the hall...they will be fine and if not well thats what the teacher deal with for the rest of the day. Be excited..cause you know Alden will and enjoy it even if it is a bit hard.

Val said...

I am so unlike other Mom's I guess.
Didn't cry for either of my girls, and they never clung to me either. They were gung-ho to get started. I always think of it as a great new adventure for them. I kind of wish I was more sentimental as I know this age will all pass by too quickly.

Anonymous said...

old lady grandmother speaks out on kids growing up--
have more so you don't have time to realize they are gone or time to think what your expectations were.

Just joking I cried when regan left home and susie went to grade one- these are the ones that standout in my memory. Now I cry when each leaves.

love mom
(From the quiet house)