Saturday, January 20, 2007

self esteem

I read something about a child's self esteem.
Up to age 6, according to the article, you can get a good sense of the child's self esteem if you ask them what they are good at. If they say something quickly they have a healthy self esteem.
If they say nothing, they need to be boosted and praised and lifted a bit more.

So I asked Alden today.
Me: "Alden what are you good at?"
Alden: "I'm good at breakfast. But not good at supper. I'm good when it's sunny but not when it's dark."
He speaks the truth.

Today we went sledding with another family.
The husband is in 1st year medical school with Regan.
They have 4 kids.
And the last two are born exactally same as ours plus one day.
Kinda funny.
Anyway, I think I got some good photos to share, but I ahve to load them to the computer first. :)


Teresa (aka tmom) said...

Love Alden's answers! Can't wait to see the pictures from your outing!

MonaS! said...

Very good answers! Going to have to try that out with my kids to see what they respond!

Crystal said...

I like that esplanation - I think I'm going to try this with my class. Looking forward to the snow pics!

Carmen said...

His answers kills me! Cute.