Wednesday, January 10, 2007

my word

My word is Faith.

religion: a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny
complete confidence in a person or plan etc;
loyalty or allegiance to a cause or a person;
is accepting the truth and the person the truth actually represents.
Faith is trusting entirely on that truth and that person alone forever.
Aceptance of ideals, beliefs, etc., which are not necessarily demonstrable through experimentation or reason.
is unshakable by situations, pain, apparent failure, or ridicule.
confident belief in the truth of a person, idea, or thing.

Not just in religious terms - although is definately part of it.
But in the whole spectrum of my life.
This year, this is my goal. And on my mind.

My friend Carmen finally helped me figure out what I wanted to use, after I read her comment.
So thanks Carmen!

As for other stuff.... I have done a few photos shoots lately, and as soon as i can get blogger to load photos I'll share some stuff.

1 comment:

Carmen said...

So beautiful Rhonda!!
And I totally *love* the fact that your word is all encompassing. I think it is important to have something that applies to all facets of life. YEAH for you!!