Thursday, October 19, 2006

15 Minutes of Fame

I was reading a website that posts blog challenges.
And the one for today was to post about your own 15 minutes of fame.

1. I was Miss CHS. (as in Miss Cardston High School).
Yes I think that is why Reg dated me. ;)
Oh the fame. bwaaahaaaa

2. I don't know if you've heard of the Great Canadian Barn Dance or not..... but when it was first starting.... i was on the commerical. Square dancing none the less.
Seriously exciting stuff.

I think that about raps it up.
Not much fame.
About 15 minutes of it. ;)


whitney said...

Funny, I was leaving a comment on your other post and came back to see a new one. So let me be the first to say hello to our famous square dancer. I hope your costume was as great as the shirt with the tassles you wore in the Hill Spring parade that one year. Yehaw. Also, I'll match your miss CHS and say that I was miss RHS. Well sort of, they say that Jill and I tied - how stupid is that. How hard is it to say one person won and one lost, as if we would have cared. Funny times in high school eh.

Crystal said...

Fun stuff to know, Rhonda!! TFS

I'd be interested in knowing about the blog that you mentioned, if you don't mind!

SmileyCarrie said...

heheh so funny!! Great post:)

Heather M. said...

Hehehe! Too funny!

LindsayB said...

raha, that is so funny. both of those sound better than any "15 min" i can think of for myself, you're like a star i guess!

Mary Mac said...


Heather said...

Very interesting. Yes what an awesome sounding blog. Gets you thinking about what you wouldn't think to tell someone about your self. Would love the link too, please?