Wednesday, October 25, 2006

have i mentioned...

that i love my new camera?
I just got some prints back today from Wally world... my first ones actually printed not from my home printer. And man. They look good.
Loving the colors and the clearness.
So cool.
Just thought i'd share that I am completely and utterly pleased with it.
I've got lots more to learn about it.
But that's the fun.

Some of my favorite photos from the past few days.

Yesterday at lunch.....
Me: "Alden, it's time for lunch."
Alden: "okay, the cars are hungry."
Me:" The cars?"
Alden:" Yep the are hungry for lunch too."

I had to make a rule to have no toys at the table.....
but today we made an exception to the rule.
Cause apparently the cars were hungry too.
He would "feed" them bites before taking them himself.

And a few of my seriously adorable blue eyed girl.
Who by the way looks so big in these!

Watching the trains pass by thru the fence.


Sue said...

Great photos, R! Your kids have such wicked blue eyes!! I particularly love the photo of Lucy sitting on the deck (?) and looking up at you - priceless!

chanel said...

I have a new camera too ... isn't it the best, i am loving using it and getting wonderful pics! so satisfying. love your photos

Carmen said...

Those pics are totally crisp and clear! Awesome.

Mary Mac said...

Cute photos!

Heather said...

Oh great photos. Lucy is getting so big.

LOL on the cars. Micah used to feed his Thomas the Train and now Kendra is doing it too. Not sure if I got a tomboy or not as she loves dolls too.

whitney said...

love the hungry cars!

LindsayB said...

Great pictures as usual. That Alden cracks me up.

Crystal said...

Awesome pictures, Rhonda!! I love the cars and the fence. Your son's personality is captured so perfectly. I know those photos will bring back a flood of memories for him soneday. Keep snapping, baby!!

Teresa (aka tmom) said...

Awesome pictures Rhonda! Wow those blue eyes are something else!