Wednesday, June 21, 2006

hello there

So are you feeling negelcted.
Left alone.... lost without knowing what is going on with me?
Oh I am totally sure you are.
I feel like I have been running around just trying to catch up.

Last Saturday I had a sleepover for some girls.
At church I am the Activity Days leader - which is for 8-12 year old girls.
Kinda like girl guides.
So I had a final activity - we had a sleepover at my house.
It was better than I had hoped, well easier than I had hoped.
Only 4 of the 9 girls showed up.
And then they fell asleep during the movie at like 9:30pm.
So it was pretty easy! And they had fun. Worked out well in the end.

And the Saturday before that... i spent the day doing this....

200 homemade donuts.
Well about 190 donuts and 10 longjohns.
Some glazed, some chocolate, some chocolate with sprinkles, and the long johns were chocolate with whipped cream filling.

And.... no it wasn't just for fun.
We had a service auction at church.
Where you bid with points on service that others have offered to give.
They wanted us to contribute some service, but we are leaving,
so instead I told them I would make donuts.
My mom always used to have donut days when I was a kid.
And make them for my school.
She was called the donut lady.
And now I understand more how great my mom was to do that.
This is a shot of all of them before we hauled them off to the church.

The best part about it.... some good friend kids of ours that were there decided that the donut holes were called "regbits" (similar to "timbits" from Tim Hortons.)
I laughed pretty hard over that one!

And we have had a foster boy living with us.
A 13-year-old-never-had-any-rules-argumentative-clumbsy-dying-for-attention boy.
Yesterday the social workers came and took him to the airport to fly out to Manitoba.
To go live with his real dad.
Who is so very very happy to have him come.
And we couldn't be more pleased with how the whole thing turned out.
But it was tough. Really tough.
So I have been behind and over tired.... and perhaps a bit cranky.
I have a good husband.
Who would stop me from saying things to this boy that I would later regret.
It's good that it worked out that one of us would be feeling peace.
Even during the most frustrating of times.
One to say to the other, it's okay, just walk
That people, is one of the many reasons I love to be married.

So now that he is off, I have to start on the moving home process.
We've got to pack and take some more photos of things and people we'll miss.

Which brings me to item number 3 on my list.
The ocean.
I am a mountain girl.
I love the moutains.
And not these
hills around here they call mountains.
I mean
real mountains.
The rocky moutains.
And I miss them terribly.
But the ocean is something that is so beautiful in a different way.
I love the vastness of it.
I remember the first time we went to the shore and stood there.
Regan mentioned that if we got on a boat and started going we would hit Europe...
well that's just crazy.
Waaaaayyyy out there past all the sharks and big fishies....
is a whole other continent.
How cool is THAT!

A few shots from last year of alden at the ocean.

Now that we are all caught up... i'm off to make lunch and then pack some closets.
Only 25 days til we fly home.
And i've got lots to do.


whitney said...

WOW - that is a whole lotta donuts! I am sad to say I have never been around for a Dixie Donut Day. Now that your an old pro I think a donut day is in order this fall. I'm guessing Val and Kate have never had a donut day either and would come down to help too. So fun that we can actually plan things like that in the foreseeable future!

Heather M. said...

Hokey dinah, girl! Look at all those donuts!!! Those things take a lot of time to make - I am SO impressed! They look delish!
I am a mountain girl too but there's something so inviting and amazing about the ocean!
I hope you get some time to catch up on sleep, Rhonda! You've had a busy couple of months and now a big move. Before you know it you'll be settled in Calgary and we'll get to hang out. Take care of yourself - try not to over do it! HUGS!

Crystal said...

You totally made my day! I haven't thought about homemade donuts for a long time - my grandma used to come with a big box (the kind bananas come) every time they came to visit us. Yummy and congrats for tackling such a huge project!

And the ocean - there'a nothing quite like it, is there? Take LOTS of pictures!

Cate said...

Rhonda...I remembered when I moved out to Lethbridge and left the ocean for the first time since I had fallen in love with it at 14. When you are driving down the country roads (or highways) and the wind is blowing the hay in the fields, it reminds me of the waves in the ocean.

And your homemade donuts totally remind me of my dad making us fresh donuts when we were growing up!

LindsayB said...

mmmmm, my mouth is watering. i cannot believe you took on that project. you are the definition of a homemaker, amazing in so very many ways.

Carmen said...

Okay, well, I am even more thrilled that you are moving closer now!! When I come to visit, you HAVE to make me some doughnuts!!! Mmmmm. You are one talented lady!!!

And not to keep bringing this up, but we have the ocean here... You can come to BC... Not to keep bringing this up!! hee hee

MonaS! said...

Those donuts look yuuuuuummy!!! Only 25 days?! Wow, I can't believe you will be in our neck of the woods so soon. Enjoy your last days near the ocean - the mountains are calling and you will be here soon!

Sue said...

Those donuts look delish!! Maybe you could parachute some out over my neck of the woods on your trip home... ??? :D

Lacintha said...'re the new generation "donut lady"! Those look delish,my friend!You guys have big hearts in all that you do..always remember that.How awsome that you'll soon be here in AB.

Mary Mac said...

I know what you mean about the mountains.

And now I am totally jonesing for a donut.

patti said...

Rhonda, you are such a beautiful and special person!! I hope that doesn't sound as corny as I worry it may. You have a gift and a giant heart and this awesome love wiht your husband... It's sooo refreshing to see/read about!!!
And it looks like you make a mean donut!!! NICE!! :) (how do you stay so slim??? )