Wednesday, June 14, 2006

number two

number two would have to be
the boardwalk
It is about 5 minute drive from our house
and we go there... a lot.
Many days walking around it,
throwing rocks into the water,
just being there.
Alden LOVES it. He will miss the boardwalk too.

And in other news......

Scraptivity had a big design team contest thingie
where 6 new members were to be added.
There were 85 enteries I guess.
Wow that is a lot.
The lucky 7 were
Denise, Ki, Jennifer, Connie Chantal, Sylvie and Sue!
So excited to work with these new ladies and get to know them all better! Congrats girls!

Now.... off to pack!!!


patti said...

The boardwalk looks beautiful!! Love the photo of you and your kids! Sooo sweet!! and yay for all the new DT members!! :)

Crystal said...

Great pictures, Rhonda! In the years to come you are going to look back on this time and have so many special memories.

Marina said...

Good for you Rhonda for making a list, now that I think back to my move from Vancouver to Toronto and back again, I think I would have benefitted from this type of journalling. As much as I wanted to move back to Vancouver, there are a lot of things I miss from Toronto.

Love those photos by the way!!!!

Carmen said...

Again, you should move to the Lower Mainland!! We have awesome boardwalks here!! White Rock beach is amazing!! And the Seawall.... hee hee

MonaS! said...

Great pictures Rhonda!!! I LOVE the one of you and the kidlets. Can't wait until you are back here in our neck of the woods

Heather M. said...

Awesome photos! I love the one of you with the kids! We'll have to scout out some favorite places here for you, 'kay?!?!?!

Heather said...

The boardwalk is beautiful. Must be so sad to have to leave some of it behind but awesome to be able to be with your family again.

Anonymous said...

the place where faamily begins always holds resured memories. if they arein pictures your family wll remember.
great idea. Don't forget to pictue you and Regan together
love mom steed

Anonymous said...

the place where family begins always holds treasured memories. if they are in pictures you and your family will remember. great idea.
Don't forget to pictue you and Regan together
love mom steed
the corrected version
mom steed